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  • Rochey

    Just spoken to BT and their package looks quite good TBH.

    We currently pay for Sky £39.50 + BT line rental on top but am I missing something, BT’s offer is a no brainier to me but before I convert to BT is their anything I should know………….

    help me please.


    if you want to speak to a uk based BT representative then you have to call 10 times, only then are you spared the Mumbai call centre hell.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Been with BT about 6 months now and been the best ISP by far fastest speed and painless connection.

    Make sure you check Quidco and Topcashback before placing your order.


    Been on BT Infinity for about a year and get around 50mbit apart from the slightly botched installation by BT subcontractor it’s been faultless.

    Premier Icon colp

    BT have MotoGP rights from next year too.
    BT hubs support NAT loopback, Sky don’t. (Useful if you have a home web server or CCTV system).


    BT also works well with non-BT hubs, which I like.


    Sounds great and looks like I just may do it, anyone else??

    Premier Icon Drac

    I’ll add.

    I’ve not switched to BT TV package but getting more and more tempted. I’ll also say that the wifi hotspots available with BT is excellent, most high streets and many other places have one somewhere.

    Premier Icon binners

    Mrs Binners has this very afternoon signed us up for the full BT package, including Sky Sports.They’re very receptive to haggling. We’re paying nowhere near what the advertised figure is. And even that was cheaper than Sky.

    You don’t even need to speak to someone (in Mumbia or otherwise). You can do your haggling over the instant messaging thing on their website


    Do you get Sky 1 on BT?

    Plus how does the box compare to Sky +?

    In fact doesn’t look like you get motors tv or extreme channel 🙁

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    No Sky 1 and the box is pretty slow and sluggish

    Ive just transferred from bt vision back to sky, primarily because bt vision dont broadcast in hd, and I could get a cheaper package, including full hd, internet and phone from sky.

    No brainer if you can get Infinity in your area.

    Also gets you unlimited BT Wifi/Openzone which is handy if you have a smartphone.

    And Vision brings iplayer etc to the TV (as I had an old Sky box and they wouldn’t upgrade me without an extra cost package)

    I’ve gone from Sky+ to the Vision box and although its not quite as intuitive navigating the menus, its no hardship, plus I get get HD for the first time (freeview HD) and there is still an app to set up remote record for the evening whilst you are bored on your lunchbreak 🙂

    I hate Sky for their ludicrously long advert breaks which pretty much force you to record everything and watch it an hour later, I’d rather have a two minute break that I watch than what feels like a 10 minute break!


    I prefer sky’s interface, ever since BT updated their software earlier this year it seems so slow and for me, not as easy to negotiate.

    Saying that, my 10 year old has no problems using it.

    I have looked at going back to sky, mostly for the HD content and to see if I can save a bit on the bundle ( line rental, broadband, telephone, tv content), but there seems very little difference between them, apart from M&S vouchers 😯


    BT Infinity and Youview here, got everything I need, all the BBC HD channels, PVR, and BT Player, HD films and TV Boxsets and they’ve got Curzon Home cinema with films on demand the same time as cinema, looking forward to watching the ginger baker doc, oh and they’ve just launched Sky Movies On Demand.


    Moved from BT to Sky years ago and I can’t see BT enticing me back anytime soon, I deal with BT all the time (work related) and if there’s a worse company out there I’ve not dealt with them.

    Don’t get me wrong I know Sky can be a pain as well, try ordering 25 Sky boxes for a single private residence! That took me about three days on the phone… But in my personal experience at least you speak to someone in the UK, in three years I’ve had maybe two problems both sorted easily. God help you if you run into trouble with a BT fault.

    BT vision Vs Sky plus. Hahahahahahaha

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    BT = Indian call centre hell

    My BT contract was up this month. So I phoned them to see if they would match a Sky fibre and calls package on line. They were adamant that they couldn’t. Wouldn’t even drop the Infinity connection charge, so I said fine I would be transferring to Sky.

    With Sky website apparently you don’t need a MAC so I didn’t ask for one.

    I had second thoughts about joining the evil empire and a did search for other offers. Plus Net looked like a good deal and cheaper than Sky, so I signed up on line. After signing up I needed to get a MAC off BT so phoned their MAC number.

    Surprise, surprise this chap could give me a better deal. So I have got Infinity Unlimited and BT TV for less than the PlusNet package and on a 12mth contract. No connection charges. I didn’t take his first offer either and he kept improving it. Have cancelled the Plusnet order now.

    A complete pain in the arse but worth the messing about


    If its purely down to price ,ring Sky up tell them your cancelling and going over to BT.
    9 times out of 10 they will ask why and try and cut a deal with you,
    loads of customers I have been to have done this and got all sorts of good deals from them.

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