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    hello chaps / chapettes – need a bit of advice about geo on some bikes i have ben looking at

    Speech AWOL
    Marin four corners
    Genesis Vagabond
    Kona Sutra

    i am normally a 58cm TT and 200mm HT sort of guy i.e. 6’2 and inside leg 34

    but a lot of the Large sizes i am looking at have a TT of 20+mm longer than i usually ride, i also appreciate the stems are shorter due to a more off road bias and therefore a more active front en but i need some help as to which sizes to opt for.

    Genesis – looking at large 593mm TT but should i go for an XL with a 614mm TT ?

    Marin – similar challenge – Medium has a 575 TT but the large has a 600m TT , but comes with a 70mm stem whereas i ride a 120mm stem for general gravel & road riding

    any help appreciated


    Premier Icon brant
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    Means little without seat angle/seat post/reach info.

    Premier Icon brant
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    I’d go longer TT and shorter stem than a road bike.

    Premier Icon davidtaylforth
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    How are they meant to be ridden? What sort of terrain?

    If you’re just riding fire roads then I’d size it like your road bike.

    A longer TT/wheelbase should feel a bit more stable if you’re planning on hossin it over rough stuff.

    Premier Icon oliverracing
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    Just to put it this way, on my cx bikes I have 100 and 110mm stems and my home built “adventure” Monstercross I have a 80mm stem – I found the wider flared drops worked a lot better with the shorter stem and longer top tube

    Premier Icon slparsons
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    OP-I’m the same height as you and would be looking at XL in the Genesis Vagabond and the Specialized AWOl.

    Premier Icon christoff
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    cheers all, and agree think XL is probably best or could put longer stem on the smaller one

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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