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  • Hebden conditions? (London Road route
  • London road is not a decent at all….its a continuous path until you come to a long gate go threw gate for a few hundred metres and turn left at the opening, head down hill and turn right at another gate, straight ahead till you reach another long gate…..from this point its its downhill all the way and quite boggy muddy in places…you reach hebden bridge eventually…get a cake and a brew from town centre then see if you can get up the cobbles…up the butress….you.’ll be glad you had the cake aftet the cobbles…lol

    Ps.. oh sorry i thort you ment an actual decent…downhill…lol…haha

    slightly off topic but is it a good book?
    hebdens local to me so always looking for new trails


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    went to hebden a couple of weeks ago, 1 thing for sure is, all the tracks we rode are in a pretty poor state.
    the rain damage is pretty severe, wether this makes for fun riding, is down to the individual, but we thought it could do to be left alone for a while.


    Yawn I know, but I’ve only ridden in Hebden once and will be by myself ask don’t want to have a crap ride!

    I’m thinking of doing route number 4 from the Stephen Hall pennines book, is this a decent route and does anyone have any route tips? Yes I’ll try not to get lost :p

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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