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  • Andrew: we need two things to keep it clear. YOUR frame model and year.

    YOUR fork steerer (tapered, 1.5, 1 1/8 etc).


    Yes you are right and any fsa/cane creek/hope/Chris king and you can’t really go wrong. Depends on how many groats you want to throw at the problem. Personally I’d spend the money on a hope or a king. But that’s just me. 🙂


    The bike is a 2010 umf freddy, it not a very common frame but I do have the spec list for it, frame has a 1.5 non tapered head tube and the current headset is an fsa gravity 3.

    Current headset spec is as follows:

    1.5″ to 1.1/8″ tapered steerer
    7/32″ caged ball bearings
    For 55mm OD headtube
    20mm headtube insertion
    CNC machined steel cups
    super oversized 7/32″ ? caged ball bearings
    Stack height: 16.9 + 11.7 = 28.6mm
    Weight: 217g

    Forks are 2010 marzocchi 66’s with tapered steerer

    This should set you on the right path.


    It seems to be down tonight when it gets into the detail.

    Hope will do the same if you call your LBS or Hope direct.

    Lastly, Canecreek shows your frame only available from 2011.

    And – can you clarify / confirm what actual steerer your fork has. Not whats on the spec sheet. What you’ve actually got : top and bottom.


    Fork is definitely a tapered steerer and the frame is 1.5 top and bottom,
    I’ve just been looking at hope pick & mix stuff which means i can have a 1.5 top with a 1 1/8 reducer and a 1.5 bottom. I’ll call them on Monday to confirm
    I had a go on the crane creek finder too and manually entered 2010 for the frame and it then takes you through a load of questions to work out exactly what it is
    Thanks for your help I should be able to get sorted now


    I need a new headset but I’m not 100 % sure what I’m looking for…

    My current headset is a fsa gravity 3, both cups are 1.5 and then there’s an insert in the top to carry a tapered steerer.
    Like this: http://www.winstanleysbikes.co.uk/images/prod_24850.jpg

    Most tapered headsets I look at appear to have a 1 1/8 top cup and a 1.5 bottom, is this correct and anybody got any recommendations for a 1.5 head tube , tapered steerer fork, cartridge bearing combo?

    Good stuff. Glad I could help a bit.

    And your LBS (hope ones anway) is always worth a shout in these situations.

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