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  • Has anyone used……
  • …..Those new lock on Onza Ules grips yet?

    My beloved clear Ules from waaaay back in the day have finally worn out and I can’t find any NOS anywhere (except yellow ones and that ain’t happening) so was wondering if anyone had used the new fangled ones? Quite spendy at £20 a pair but if they are anything like as nice as the old ones I’ll justify it.

    I know grips are a very personal thing & I have never found any I like as much as these.


    Premier Icon akira

    Loved them first time round, settled on race face half nelson’s currently though and like to run the same grips on all bikes so might have to wait and see


    er, unrelated to this but wanted to ask dirtydog a five / 36/22 what front mech for 10 speed? question
    can’t see how to contact him directly,
    sorry n d r

    dirtydog – elusive…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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