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  • Has anyone got a missus who's scared of more stuff than mine?
  • Premier Icon Cougar

    she’s not fond of large dogs or knives, especially when I gesticulate with them whilst talking/cooking.

    I think if you gesticulated with a large dog I’d be nervous as well.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    scared of: vegetable peelings.

    not scared of: spiders.

    she’s mental!

    Premier Icon Cougar

    How does she feel about freshly peeled spiders?


    My wife’s are simple – spiders and enclosed spaces. But she *can* overcome the fear if around others she doesn’t want to ‘infect’ with her fear but I can see her visibly crumbling as she tries to hide it. Like the time she saw a spider in the car when we had our young nieces in the back. It was *HUGE* she got out calmly and pretended not to be bothered so I could get it from behind the kids heads. Now I am not *scared* of spiders but this one made me think twice about picking it up – I think it could have broken my fingers 🙂

    Conversely, she didn’t give a fig when we had a resident rat in our house, running around the floorboards above our heads when we were in bed, nor any fear of any other insects – she’ll happy wrestle a huge bee or wasp out of the house without flinching.


    I’m not massively keen on flappy birds/pigeons. There’s a bit on my way into work where they stand around waiting for me, and as I get near they take off ON PURPOSE near my head, which makes me squeal a bit.

    And cottage cheese. Obvs

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Yep Pesto…

    She used to like it, I introduced her to the stuff and for about a year she loved it, then one day she was ill, vomitty ill and she’d had pesto earlier in the day, which she brought up…
    There was no actual pesto poisoning involved, I’d had the same meal and I was fine, but somehow this triggered an extreme dislike of pesto. These days it is pretty much banished from our house she can’t even be around it, she claims it is “horrible Oily stuff” and the smell alone can apparently make her nauseous… she claims.

    It doesn’t matter if I point out the fact that she used to like it and that the experience that put her off it had nothing to do with having actually eaten the stuff. She’ll eat Basil, pine nuts, parmesan, various food containing olive oil, all of the ingredients are individually acceptable to her, but combine them together in Pesto and she cannot even be around the stuff…

    Strangely She has not yet developed a chocolate aversion…

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    Cougar – Moderator

    How does she feel about freshly peeled spiders?

    it’s not the peeled ‘thing’, but the peelings which are the problem.

    obviously, she wouldn’t like spider-peelings, but she’d feel very sad about a peeled spider.

    (as would i, i might be scared of spiders, but that doesn’t mean i don’t like them…)


    I think I’ve been waiting my whole life* for a thread like this. Where should I start:

    – balloons
    – thunder/lightning
    – flying (and any mechanical/unexpected noise on a plane)
    – rats
    – fairground rides
    – champagne corks (popping)

    *since I registered with STW


    Cougar is on fire today! Don’t you have a job to do?! My wife thinks horror films are documentaries. She utterly suspends dis-belief when watching and insists they’re real. Tears, hysterics, the lot.


    Pesto is pretty Bleuuurgh TBF

    Premier Icon Yak

    A friend has a fear of the soles of feet…hers, anyones really. Apparently its the wrinkly skin and the thought that anything could go straight through. If she caught sight of someone jabbing their finger at the sole of a foot – that would be it – utter terror!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I think I’ve been waiting my whole life* for a thread like this

    You do know you can start your own? Or is that your little phobia?

    Pesto is pretty Bleuuurgh TBF

    Yup, used to be fine with it then had some rank stuff, never got over it.


    A friend of mine has a fear of fingers being forced wide apart – just enough to be unnaturally wide, doesn’t have to be enough to break them or anything.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Don’t you have a job to do?!

    I’ve got half a dozen laptop builds on the go. It’s a bit like spinning plates on sticks; set ’em all spinning then have a minute to spod on STW before I’ve to give the sticks another jiggle.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    A friend of mine has a fear of fingers being forced wide apart

    They’ll live long and prosper.

    Premier Icon rickon

    Again, my missus is awesome:

    -All insects or reptiles
    Nope, she frequently is gardening and will pick up insects etc
    -Dogs (any dog)
    Loves dogs, used to work in a kennels
    She climbs, and is much better than I am when out on very steep ice in winter
    -Large bodies of water
    She goes lake swimming
    -Speed in general
    Nope, fine driving at a decent pace
    -Weather (although she’s also fascinated by the weather, so long as she’s indoors)
    She loves the sound of storms when inside, or in a tent
    -Cuts, Grazes injuries in general.
    She boasts about her injuries and bruises
    -Pesto (No Really)
    She eats pesto for dinner, om nom nom.



    Premier Icon BoomBip

    A friend of mine has a fear of fingers being forced wide apart

    They’ll live long and prosper.[/quote]

    <applauds> 😆


    My ex-

    Daddy Long Legs;

    Discussing emotions and feelings…


    They’ll live long and prosper.

    She can cope with it ‘Spock-esque’ as they aren’t being forced – as soon as any additional force is applied, she freaks. I like doing it when we’re drunk on a night out 8)


    My wife isn’t bad at all – she’s scared of dogs but that’s about it. She claims to not like driving fast but considering how quickly she gets places when she borrows my car I don’t think it’s true! She commuted in London traffic for the first time a week back and it didn’t bother her at all. She’s even got a full motorbike license.

    She’s a biology teacher so quite happy dissecting insects and the like (she has hissing cockroaches and a snake in her room at school). She climbs and dives (including encounters with sharks) and is pretty into her outdoor stuff (not mountain biking though, she prefers road cycling).

    Zombies, in spite of the fact they’re made up. Tried to get her to watch the walking dead, almost shat herself. This from an extremely intelligent and otherwise incredibly brave woman (she used to work at the same secure unit as me, and I’ve seen her face down some proper psychos).


    Snakes. To be fair, she’s Australian so it’s justified. But it didn’t stop me buying my 5yr old nephew a packet of rubber snakes for Christmas and getting him to torment her with them.

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    The colour green. More of a superstition than a fear I guess, but it runs right through her. Nothing green in the house or as part of clothing. Even to the extent that I’m buying a new car and I can pick a car, any car, as long as it’s not green…

    She’s half-Irish and green is pretty much the national colour, but not in her family I guess (she gets this from her mum).

    Apart from that little idiosyncracy she’s relatively sane 🙂

    Premier Icon nevisthecat

    My other half, often seen noodling around Cannock on her Trek, has a fascinating panapoly of fears, phobias and is a straight refusenik on some random things.

    For example;

    1) Phobia of worms. This make anything remotely muddy a no go. I am talking a full screaming polly pissy pants if so much as the hint of wriggler is spotted

    2) Fear of mud (may contain worms)

    3) Fear of heights – ok this is a fair one

    4) Fear of contained spaces – it’s the stairs or not at all

    5) Fear of roads – so I sold the road bike I spent months building her

    6) Refuses to drive the Land Rover or the Flaming Comet of Death

    7) Will not eat anything “with a face” so that’s no duck, rabbit or basically anything that appears in a Disney movie.

    8 ) Is suspicious of okra

    But, she is willing to share a house with a loser like me so she has any number of redeeming point and is more than able to face down a skinhead when her cideer gets spilled at a Specials gig.

    She is for sale though – spares or repair.


    Mine = scared of lightning. When young and at school she was being bullied and told the boy bullying her that she wished he’d drop dead. Later that day he was struck by lightning!

    Because of this, i try to remain on good terms at all times..


    Dave_rudabar – was he deaded ? – sounds horrific.

    Got a good female friend who’s scared of
    Furry dead things and….
    Trolls ( no really she’s Danish – freaked out when I mentioned ‘troll hunter’)


    Mrs busydog is afraid of:

    snakes (especially rattlesnakes, but she automatically assumes any snake she sees is a rattler—won’t go on hikes in the summer unless it is on a trail about 20 feet wide so she can stay away from an undergrowth)


    tornadoes (we have had 2 in the state in the 30 years we lived here and those were 200+ miles away–to her credit, she grew up in the Midwestern US, where they are a dime a dozen).

    heights (ended her short MTB career)

    Well I started this thread expecting to hear than my missus was the biggest scaredy pants ever, how wrong!
    Wer’e on La Palma at the moment & Mrs G has been missing out on loads of fantastic views just cos there’s some massive drops to look out over on the walks we’ve done, she’s been hanging on to trees to stop her falling off (imaginary) vertical drops!


    Been ice climbing with the Mrs today. She’s scared her hat clashes with her jacket. The cold vertical scary side of things she’s fine with.

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