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  • Has anyone got a missus who's scared of more stuff than mine?
  • She’s scared of…
    Anything furry smaller than a cat.
    Heights of almost any description.
    Enclosed spaces.
    Jet engine noises.
    Sponges (?).
    Walking on rocks.
    Sharp knives. (Bad history with knives!)

    But she’s fine with vomit or dog poo, which I hate.
    Anyone worse?

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    My wife is worried that the blokes who post on stw are a representative sample of our gender.


    I know a girl who is scared of (as in will make her cry)

    My wife is as bad.
    Spiders and bugs in general
    Any one else driving
    Crime despite living in a very safe area
    And worse of all exercise

    Strangely she will also clear up poo and sick without batting an eyelid


    Every helicopter she ever sees.

    Triggered after once peering out of a window and a police chopper shone their spotlight at her 😆

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    Rorschach – Member

    I know a girl who is scared of (as in will make her cry)

    **** off, moths are horrific!


    Wow. Sounds like a keeper!


    I worked with a bloke once who was terrified(and I really really mean it) of red sauce. Ironically he had no problem with blood.

    Edit: he was not my missus


    Morris Dancers

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    OH GOD


    (couldn’t get flying into it, sorry)

    5’2″ and from Dalton in Rotherham, frightened of nothing, except dead animals! 😯


    Bikes. Mrs Sox won’t entertain the idea of cycling. 😐
    Butterflies and moths.

    A mate has a phobia of tomatoes, ie ketchup, baked beans, ragu sauces etc. He gets violent if you wind him up over it, so much so that years ago he lamped someone for shoving a tomato in his face..


    Mrs Mudd is scared of the usual things- spiders, insects, clowns, washing up!

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    We have a woman at work who goes into full on panic mode if someone so much as hints at the word ‘snake’, never mind seeing one.


    My OH is scared of fire after badly burning her hand as a teenager.

    Her hand was actually on fire, rather than burning it by putting it in a fire.

    So I suppose it’s hardly an “irrational fear”

    Other than that I can’t think of anything. She’s nails ! :mrgreen:

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    Once worked with a woman who was terrified of baked beans and coat hangers.

    Proper tears and everything.


    There are two types of people in the world. Clowns and people who are scared of clowns.


    An ex was once properly terrified of wrists… i.e. scratch yours or her wrist and is would be hysterics?

    Buttons. Not the chocolate kind but the clothes-fastening, haberdashery variety. She’s ok with them on clothes but finding them lying around loose sends her into shivers and has to leave the room. I can’t say she’s ever mentioned any button-related trauma from her youth, she’s just odd.
    Oh, and polystyrene. It makes her feel nauseous.


    My missus cried trying to navigate the horror that is Thetford.

    Mrs Toast

    I’m utterly terrified of daddy long legs. I’m fine with being in the vicinity of other bugs, but I’m a bit squeamish about touching them. But I can’t even be in the same room as a daddy long legs. I remember a few years back there was an awful summer where there was an epidemic. We had to abort a romantic country walk because there were absolutely loads, and I was in tears. Awful little gits. And they ruin the lawn.

    Mr Toast is scared of cows and horses, which in all honesty is probably slightly more sensible than my phobias.

    My brother is genuinely scared of clowns – he wouldn’t go into a McDonalds until his late teens because of Ronald MvcDonald, so at least his phobia has an upside!

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    My missus is braver than I am with most things:

    Spiders – she picks them up, even the big ones.
    Anything furry smaller than a cat – she’ll pick it up, mice etc..
    Heights of almost any description – she climbs, scrambles, and does winter climbing stuff
    Enclosed spaces – err…. she’s not really a fan of going caving
    Jet engine noises – she don’t give a …
    Sponges (?) – she does the dishes with them
    Walking on rocks – she scrambles, mountain walks, bouldering…
    Sharp knives. (Bad history with knives!) – not scared of them.

    What she is scared of is *really* technical riding, she’s ridden 90% of Laggan’s black, but didn’t like Fort Bill uplift.

    In summary… she’s awesome.

    My wife is scared of monsters. As in imaginary monsters. She won’t let the dogs out for a pee at bedtime because ‘there might be a monster in the garden’, I have to do it. The first time she ever told me this we were driving along a country lane, so I put her car window down a bit just for shits and giggles, and she went bat shit mental. She’s either 33 or 34 years old and genuinely terrified of a made up thing.


    I don’t understand why people are scared of months. Nobody is scared of butterflies… and moths are just furry butterflies.

    My GF seems to be most concerned with “baddies”. I have pressed her for a definition…..

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    A housemate left some bolognese out for perhaps 3 weeks over christmas and it looked magnificent when i returned for the exam period. I took it upstairs, left it in her room and when she returned, she went ballistic. Bolognese all over the floor. Took me a while to realise that she was scared of mould!

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    I don’t understand why people are scared of months

    Fearbruary is the worst one.

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    My Missus is Scared of most things TBH;

    -All insects or reptiles
    -Dogs (any dog)
    -Large bodies of water
    -Speed in general
    -Weather (although she’s also fascinated by the weather, so long as she’s indoors)
    -Cuts, Grazes injuries in general.
    -Pesto (No Really)

    That’s just off the top of my head, there’s loads more stuff, pretty much everything stresses her out to some extent.

    I think it’s more that she’s generally not very good at judging the world arround her, so she vears towards caution more and more, it’s getting worse especially now we’ve got kids, and I think she’s managed to pass her general perception of danger and risk onto our eldest a bit already.
    If one of the kids takes a tumble and skins a knee She really doesn’t cope well her reaction only make the situation worse, kids pick up on these things.

    She considers me an excessive risk taker, I’m really not…

    I used to have a housemate who was scared of fish, she just couldn’t look at them even on TV, said they seemed weird and Alien to her.



    They used to be a girl in the office that was terrified of Bananas.

    If you approached her with one (we have bowls of fruit around the place) she’d jump up out of her chair and run away.

    Which meant she actually stopped twiddling with her hair or flashing her stocking tops… the only “work” she ever seemed to do.


    Spiders and matches

    Premier Icon tootallpaul

    There is a girl in my office who has a phobia of Twixes.


    Bloke at my old office couldn’t cope with the feeling of grease or oil, which always seemed strange to me. He was the office practical joker, until the day he pushed one of the other managers too far and came in the next day to find his keyboard and mouse covered in Vaseline…

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    My wife is scared of everything.


    Mr (insert tabloid newspaper of choice)

    Premier Icon Cougar

    An ex was once properly terrified of wrists… i.e. scratch yours or her wrist and is would be hysterics?

    That’s perfectly understandable. Lots of atrocities in the world have been the result of terror wrists.


    My other half isn’t too bad: she’s not fond of large dogs or knives, especially when I gesticulate with them whilst talking/cooking.

    My work colleague is terrified of a great many things, particularly anything dirt or germ-related. I was once dusting my desk and she asked me for the duster when I’d finished. Without thinking, I threw it to her. She reacted as if I’d lobbed a grenade. On another occasion, she literally pished herself rather than use a train toilet.

    A friend of mine has a phobia of stickers. Like many phobias, it’s disgust-related, y’know, when they start to peel at the edges and pick up dirt. She once came face to face with a used elastoplast in a swimming pool and took off like a hydrofoil.


    I had an ex who was scared of:

    Enclosed spaces
    All birds

    Fish FFS!


    My wife is very scared of insects, which is very odd, because they love her and want to be around her as much as possible. She’s pretty much the queen of insects (something I tell her regularly) but she doesn’t want to be.

    Poor things, being rejected like that by their queen…

    Oh, and she’s scared of pigeons too.



    -Pesto (No Really)

    Please explain! 🙂

    Premier Icon Cougar

    It’s a sauce made with basil and pine nuts.

    Which meant she actually stopped twiddling with her hair or flashing her stocking tops… the only “work” she ever seemed to do.

    Never mind phobias, let’s hear a bit more about this.

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