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  • Jamie

    Lidl’s on 29th. Seem quite a long bracket to distribute the load.


    I’ve been thinking of getting some wall mounted hooks for the cellar to hang the bikes by to make them easier to get at.

    The house is old and I’m not sure how crumbly (!?) the masonry in the cellar will be so not sure about installing rawlplugs or those expanding bolt things for each hook individually. Maybe it would be better to attach a length of timber along the wall, fixed in maybe 4 places, on to which to mount the bike hooks?

    Does anyone have any experience of mounting these to cellar walls? Pictures would be fantastic.

    I hang mine upside down (by the wheels) from the underside of the joists. Easy to fit the screw hooks in the wood and keeps them reasonably out of the way.

    Premier Icon cp

    Hooks on the bottom of the joists, hung alternately from one wheel, the other wheel touches the wall lower down. Works great. Hooks came from wickes, 2 for a fiver or something.


    I do the same as cp

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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