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  • Premier Icon nedrapier

    Dunno what they’d offer over a hammock with a tarp, apart from a lack of versatility.

    I’ve got a camping hammock with a tarp. Nice night: no tarp; nice evening with rain overnight: set up tarp, pull one half back over the top and enjoy the sunset: pull back over when you turn in. Raining when you stop: tarp out first (packed on top, always) gives you dry cover to unpack and set everything else up.


    I’m almost interested in getting a “camping hammock” with an integral rain cover. are they any good? or is it just another thing…?

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Love hammocks. As long as you like being in trees like me.
    Would do a normal tarp as per nedrapier.
    Can recommend whoopie slings – they are like magic!

    Integral midge net is a must imo.

    I bought all three of mine from http://ukhammocks.co.uk/
    Hand made by a lovely couple in the UK

    Just bookmarking for the future, hopefully need some more hammocks for trips with the boy


    I hammock pretty often now, but just rock it with a hammock and tarp, never tried one with an integral rain cover.

    This guy on youtube is well known in the hammock community and does some great reviews, and also gives a good intro to hammocking:


    General thoughts are that hammock + tarp should be better as the combo provides flexibility, and is still pretty cheap. Lot’s of people have different preferences with tarp layouts – an integrated one may not give you that option.

    In addition, colder months you need to insulate the underside – typically done with an underblanket – again, I’m not sure whether an integrated design would hinder that.

    One more thing – consider the length of the hammock, if you’re tall you probably want a longer length hammock for comfort (and then also a larger tarp to add the weather protection).

    The most common hammocks in the UK are probably DD and TenthWonder (still fairly cheap, lots of size / material options, and all pretty robust).


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