Halfords Voodoo Bakka, quick release issue

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  • Halfords Voodoo Bakka, quick release issue
  • contrakid

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone else had experienced any problems with Halfords Voodoo Bakka wheels coming loose?

    So in the last 4 / 5 mths the back and front skewers have become very loose after riding a number of times. Front wheel fell out and he went over the bars, back wheel came out and rear mech went into wheel causing crash. Then we did Blue Scar at Afan and I checked the skewers when we started the up but by the time we got 2 3rds of the way down he pulled over for some reason and the front wheel fell out, the skewer had come out about a 1 3rds into the trail down, luckily he didn’t crash or try a jump on the way down.

    So I purchased brand new skewers from Afan bike shop and fitted and they seemed much better. But yesterday I got his bike out the shed and check both wheels and they were both loose, he was just about to ride so I did them back up again and let him go off and ride. When he came back he told me his front wheel had become loose again.

    He is doing very small jumps and riding trails but nothing big.

    I had QR in loads of bikes in the past and they never came loose!

    Could the frame be twisting and forks twisting and causing them to come loose?

    Its happened too many time now to be a coincidence!

    Going to talk to halfords, but getting worried for his safety.

    Anyone had any similar issues with any bikes?

    Thanks all


    There is a known issue with front qrs and disc brakes. Cyclic loading from braking over bumps causes precessional forces that unscrew them. In most cases this remains theoretical. However if factors stack up against you they unscrew. Neve heard of it on the rear but the same forces exist
    Good qrs helps. Shimano design is less prone to it and creating a high friction surface surface by sanding the paint off the dropouts might help
    Ben at kinetics looked into this and has some thoughts on his blog IIRC

    Premier Icon ajantom

    Don’t faff with qrs, use some Halo bolt up skewers.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I’d be tempted to put the problem back to Halfords and see what they say.

    If they don’t help then I’d try getting some decent Shimano branded qr skewers.

    I had some old bomber z1’s a few years back where the front wheel kept going slightly out of position on one side – swapped to some XT skewers and didn’t have any further problems.


    halo bolt up skewers.


    Thanks guys think I will look at the halo bolt up skewers. I remember I had some bolt up axle on my superlight once at the back. This could help for the short term, plus i will speak to halfords as the video for the bike shows kids doing 10ft table tops at coed llandegla!

    Cheers all 🙂

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    For balance. We have one of these and never had an issue with the stock qrs.

    Although I will now give it another check.

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