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  • Full of fat people buying huge boxes. How the hell they get that lot back home amazes me. Thank goodness I don't have kids. I bought a set of 15 dinosaurs for my nephew following special instructions about exactly which type to buy etc. All 15 would have fitted in a shoe box but the package they cam in is 3 feet by 2 feet!

    Second rant. Why use ESN staff on checkouts at Christmas. I know they have the right to work and we should show consideration but every single check out? Surely they could have employed one competent person.

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    Fat poor people, fat poor people with kids, stupid fat poor people with kids and giant boxes, and a dig at retards and it's been sat there for 8 minutes without a bite. Your trolling powers are weak old man. 😉


    I bet you have had the misfortune to visit the S'Hampton store.

    Bunch of inbreds that work there, every time I walk in there I know I am making a big mistake and will loose half an hour of my life.


    Full of fat people buying huge boxes. How the hell they get that lot back home amazes me.

    I don't suppose you noticed that elf-shagging nonce in a red suit did you – eh ?

    No, I don't suppose you did …….. the fat bearded tw4t probably does all his Christmas shopping down Poundland
    …… the tight-fisted **** 😐

    Its my favourite shop… I am not a fat bloke… I am undertall… 😉

    Try the one at Birstall nr Leeds. Its got a similar feel to Pundstretchers and a similar clientele. Just people buying cheap plastic sh*t for their kids for xmas and staff that aren't qualified enough to work in McDonalds.


    Just got back from toys r us in poole after finishing the kids shopping, yep i fit the above criteria.
    I did also get turned down for a part time job in the southampton branch back in my student days


    I haven't been in Toys r Arse for 8 years since I saw a seesaw set up in a corner of the store with a huge sign on it saying "DO NOT PLAY ON THE SEESAW" it's a toyshop full of kids and they say don't play on the toys….****

    burn them all


    We had to go to get some stocking fillers. The snow was heavy and my thought was that as the weather was so bad the shop would be empty.

    "Fire up the Quattro!"

    I was right. It was almost pleasant….

    sorry, but at what point does their weight come into it? does that make a difference when buying boxes in toys r us?


    does that make a difference when buying boxes in toys r us?

    Yes it does. Fat people struggle much more when carrying "huge boxes", as their arms are invariably too short.
    So I'm with the OP on this, "how the hell they get that lot back home amazes me".


    about the fat part – i also think it looks funnier – large ungainly shapes carrying large ungainly shapes. poetry in motion.



    hee hee hee……fat

    hee hee hee……ginger

    hee hee hee……disabled

    hee hee hee……wife beating

    hee hee hee……gay

    hee hee hee……spot the odd one out?

    wasn't that long ago you were all up in arms about that ginger card doing the rounds and claiming that taking the piss out of your ginger kids was still seen as acceptable and that's plain wrong – this on the other hand is acceptable because someone has a weight problem that you don't know the background, you just make your usual assumptions

    also see the dinosaur turkey thread for further proof of total cuntage on this forum


    aslongasithaswheels you need to chill….


    spot the odd one out?

    Not sure……….is it ginger ? On account that all the others are just funny, whilst ginger is ugly ? 💡

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    ESN -had to wiki that..


    wife beating is the odd one out. no one gets offended if you have a go at them.
    my wife is ginger (well redhead – what's the difference?) and I don't beat her


    Ginger is luuuuuurvely.

    I think you're the odd one out aslongasithaswheels.

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