gx eagle setup.

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  • gx eagle setup.
  • Premier Icon andybrad

    Ok guys and gals

    Ive got a new stumpy with GX eagle. Its all nice but ive noticed that when shifting to the big cog sometimes it doesn’t quite mesh with the largest cog properly causing a bit of chain slip. I can seem to tune this out using the barrel adjuster but in doing so it makes the smaller cogs grumble a little. I can set it up on the stand perfectly but I have to adjust the cable tension while riding as its just not right in that top cog.

    Ive checked the alignment and reset the limits. Ive noticed that the limit screw for the biggest cog is nearly all the way out and winding it in takes a good few turns before it does something. But it needs it.

    Any suggestions before I give it to someone. Im usually very good at this (although a bit of a perfectionist) with shimano. Not had sram in the last 6 years.

    Premier Icon benpinnick

    The big cog is narrow wide (ish) so you have to hit the shifting ramps just right – that means getting the b-tension set spot on. There’s a little plastic tool to do that although Ive always found it better done by feel on an FS bike as its a pain to get it to sagged.

    Also worth noting that any bend in the mech hanger, no matter how small can throw 12 spd off.

    Premier Icon oikeith

    I think for SRAM you need to set the B tension with the bike sagged, have you tried this?

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