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  • nacho

    Not sure why I am posting on here, I’m just totally gutted and this could affect our whole company for the next few months, might even finish us so want to vent my disappointment somewhere.
    Gotta tell the boss later 🙁
    I’ve been working on a £100K deal since August and the customer was supposed to order this week. Been plenty of positive signs, asking the right questions etc. Just received an e-mail saying the end user has changed their mind. Tried calling to follow up, not answering phone.

    Stll there are plenty in the world worse off than me, I need to buck up and start looking for the next one.


    How many chickens do you have?

    Premier Icon blurty

    That’s tough news. the company didn’t bring it in this time, there will have been others times you have collectively suceeded. and you will suceed again in the future.

    How deliver bad news:

    1.Explain everything you all did leading up to the change of mind, & how positive it looked

    2. tell the boss about the change of mind

    3. Explain what you’re going to do next to learn from the knock-back & what you’re going to do to bring in alternative turnover

    don’t pause between 1 and 3. If your boss starts to get heavy go back to step 1 and repeat. This sounds a bit corny but i know it works from experience

    & don’t apologise – you don’t have anything to apologise for. You can express regret, but not apologise.

    good luck (& sorry if I’m teaching you to suck eggs with this)


    Cheers blurty. Been talking to the boss about it regularly and he trusts me to do my job, he’ll be fine wtih me (I hope) it’s just a bummer when it fails at the last minute.
    glupton – no chickens, got a few eggs in the kitchen though, not sure how many……….


    Gutting when this happens, especially near the end and with no previous warning.
    Pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself down and get ready for the next one. Put it down to experience and see it as character building. (I could be a manager, me).


    Same thing happened to me yesterday. Went to make a tea and realised I’d forgot to get milk. I tried talking to the wife about it (she’s been great) but I feel like I’ve let myself down.


    That’s sales. when it’s good it’s really good and when it’s crap, it’s really tough.

    Pick yourself up, dust yourself down. Tomorrow is another day.

    From the original post it doesn’t mention being shelved or deferred? Who knows it may a negotiation tactic.


    That’s sales/life for you.

    FWIW I take my hat off to you for being in sales. I would really rather sweep the streets than get in to sales.

    Saying that I’m sure your salary is relative to your output/results.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Don’t worry, I nearly killed a £55 million deal recently….



    Know how you feel. Twelve months ago I bid for a job that would have brought in about £70k (supplying a service not goods), made it to the last two but didn’t get it.
    I was gutted by the whole thing as it was a big one to lose in the current environment but I knew I couldn’t really have done any more (good price & presentation) and I’m fairly sure we lost out because we are a very small company.
    Since then there have been some very tough times, money is tight and I’ve had to lose my two employees but that could be reversed with just one deal.
    I’ve since found out that the project I bid for never actually got started, so you never quite k ow what’s going on behind the scenes with potential clients.
    There will be more for you, just keep at it and learn from it.

    Wow, that’s awful I’m gutted for you mate.
    However on a lighter note, a few weeks ago a mate of mine was at work & was required to escort a prisoner to hospital who’d cut his OWN NECK with a razor blade (he had history of self harm but it appears he went ‘a bit far’). Anyway after the hospital had finished with him & decided he’d just gone a bit OT from the usual stuff (scratches on wrists etc) they sent him on his merry way. In the taxi (yes, an actual private hire car)he pulled yet another blade on my pal & tried to stab him in the throat. Unfortunately for our poor prisoner, my mate had a mate with him (as per usual) who’s about 6’6″, & they dropped him like a hot brick & gave him a bit of pain compliance till they got back to the jail. My mates were a little shook up but hey ho, thats the way it goes.
    Don’t get stressed about a lost sale, it could be worse. 😉

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