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  • Grr, working for companies that take the Piss!
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    Got a guy at work who’s broken his wrist. He’s a service/sales engineers servicing our machines and replenishing stock.

    He’s offered to get his brother to drive him and to help him service the machines. He can manage the rest.

    Our MD’s offer is for him to pay his brother half the normal wages, which are shit he only takes home £1200 a month, and he’s supposed to make a bit more upto him himself.

    He worked it out that his brother would end up getting about £25 a day.

    Our drivers normally work about 50 hours a week, so do you think the md is taking the piss?

    I don’t think our MD understands how little he pays our staff?

    I perso


    So, he’s offering to pay 1.5 times the normal salary for one person’s work?

    Seems pretty reasonable. Salary doesn’t sound the greatest mind, but the fact that he’s willing to pay 50% more than he normally would for the same amount of work seems quite decent of him.

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    Seem fine as not sure why he should even pay his brother as he’s helping him out not employed by the company.


    so your boss is creating a new job and role for somebody who is unemployed and giving them a trial at a new job.

    If youre not happy leave and let the chap have your job,


    £2.50 an hour??
    Isn’t the minimum wage closer to £6.50 and a legal requirement??


    From a legal point If I was the MD i wouldnt do it, is he employed or just helping out as he
    May not be covered by liability insurance , has he had an induction etc etc
    Load of hassle for MD if you ask me

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    What is sick leave policy for the guy with the broken wrist ?

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    The chaps now just going to take the rest of his 10 days sick leave, and some holiday and let us deal with his area. He was only trying to keep the his area covered (the whole of south Wales) on the run up to our busiest time of the year (easter holiday).

    His brother had worked for us previously on other projects at a far better day rate.

    Thing is they’ll want the area covering on the week upto Easter so will send someone down there and spend upto a £100 a day extra on overnight costs in hotels and meals.

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