Green Route for beginner North west quite scenic around 10 miles or less ?

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  • Green Route for beginner North west quite scenic around 10 miles or less ?
  • Delamere forest ?… the way marked routes sound like they could be ideal. One is 5 miles, the other is 7. My 5 year old got round them both in one day and only had to get off and push once


    Sounds like a plan many thanks 🙂


    Im looking for advice for a green route for my better half total novice girl, somewhere scenic with not to many hills, I was thinking Grizedale does anyone know how hilly the green routes are there? or any other suggestions, flatter the better ?

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    The new trails at Clayton vale in central east Manchester would be excellent for a beginner – around 5 or 6 miles long, super smooth and fun, no real hills. Signage is probably going up around now so you could do the blue routes with your GF.

    Struggling a bit on the scenic requirement tbh – I’ve seen some nice neck tatoos there, pretty pitbulls, that sort of thing. But it seriously would be a great place to learn to ride.


    Depending where you are and what you are after, a few ideas:

    North Wales: If you take this route from the car park at Moel Arthur it shortens it. Tracks and bridleways, nothing ‘technical’. There are two big hills either side of Penycloddiau, but she can push up those. Nice views, quiet.

    Rivington: Avoid the hills and pootle around the reservoir. If you are happy to push up one steep bit, take the bridleway from Yarrow Reservoir north up Lead Mines Clough and follow around the top of the reservoirs to Healey Nab woods, which has a few fun paths in it. If you do venture up to the Pike and Tower, don’t take upper track from the Tower to the north-eastern car park as it’s not for beginners (rocky road)! (e.g. do 1-9 and 16/17 here.)

    +1 for Delamere, not hilly and she can spend some time going around the rooty bits as well as doing the fire roads.


    Thanks for the tips 🙂 I may have a look at the Rivington one as well, its a shame she is not more advanced as My back door ride is Lee & Cragg quarry and the associated bridleways etc 🙂 no place for beginners sadly though…


    The Wirral Way would be a good introduction as flat and scenic taking the view over the Dee to Welsh Hills on west side, over the Mersey to Liverpool skyline on East side and out to the sea at ‘the top’.

    Can get busy in places so avoid bank holiday monday

    Totally flat, never measured distance but approx 15 miles (not a circular route so there and back 30 miles…..a search on web will give you exact mileage)

    If you only go half way there and back I recommend starting at Parkgate and head towards Heswall and carry on…..its one ‘path so you cant get lost, just turn around and get back to Parkgate where there is an award winning ice cream shop….fantastic place!!

    You mentioned Grizedale in your post…..its nothing like Grizedale!
    You mentioned novive girl in your post……perfect for first time out introduction to cycling kind of route!

    In the lakes there are some gentler routes around Claife Heights or fire road routes in Grizedale with great views of Coniston etc.

    Family route at Coed Y Brenin is really good with plenty of interest en route – lovely rivers, waterfalls, old gold mine etc.

    EDIT Carbone’s link above is the one I was thinking about at Claife


    Thanks I missed that one, that would be ideal also, we are national trust members so hopefully free parking. I will do them both many thanks 🙂

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