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  • Green Cube Reaction Hybrid e-MTB stolen in Oxford
  • mmrizio

    Sorry to begin my first post like this, but my bike was stolen last Thursday in Oxford. It is a 19 inch 2017 flash green Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA SLT 500 29’er. So a practically new hardtail E-MTB, with ~200 km’s on it and hardly a scratch. It has a very remarkable neon-green colour, and the remarkable shape with the battery embedded in the hydroformed frame.
    Frame number: WOW37964PSHM
    Battery number: 0275007530717110812
    Engine number: 0275007037717200699

    Typical of the bike is that some items were exchanged with some cheaper Chinese items to try some options: Suspended saddle pole with a luggage rack, shortened (narrow) carbon handlebars with foam grips and bar ends, smartphone holder, etc. When it was stolen it had a 19 tooth front sprocket for high speed road riding. It does not run well in lowest gear, as the chain is a bit short now. Some of this may have been changed by the people that took the bike, though. The bike was stolen without the charger and without the keys for the battery.

    The Oxford Thamesvalley Police are looking into it, but I fear the bike already left the area. So I would like you also to look out for my bike.
    If you see this bike, please let me know. Or the police, so noone gets hurt :-/ Feel free to query for more details.

    Maurice (

    PS: I hope it is ok to post a request like this. If not, please accept my apologies and point me into the right direction.


    A picture tells more than 1000 words…

    image hosting

    This was the bike before I changed the bars, seatpost, green anodized bike bell and smartphone mount etc. Please also note the ‘Cube Store team rider’ sticker on the rear frame. I really hope the bike will surface again and come back to me.

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