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  • John25


    Anybody got experience of the Gravity Dropper Descender seatpost?

    Sturdy? Reliable? Easy to maintain/ clean after muddy rides?

    Thank You


    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Really, they are the easiest to service and don't seem to wobble as much as some or score the shaft either. Not the most attractive, but they work. I have 2, both bought direct from GD in the States.


    Good but get the remote version.


    yes reliable unless they break – dont leave it in the down position for long periods as uit sticks a bit
    Servicing takes about 10 mins – grease mainly
    Bit clunky between positions – like SRAM gerars but relaible as can be

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The Descender is exactly the same as the Turbo, but without the remote lever. Which is a bloody stupid idea frankly, get one with a remote- you might think it's easy to reach the lever, and it is, on a canal path… But at times when you'll actually want to use it in a hurry, your hands will be busy with not crashing.

    If you do foolishly get the Descender, you can add the Turbo kit later, for about £70. And you will probably want to. The dropper without the remote just drove me mad, all the potential of a dropper post but without half of the actual usefulness. Still, if you can get a good price for a Descender it can still be economic to upgrade.

    For the post itself, it's brilliant- tough, reliable… They do have a wee bit of play but nothing severe, some people hate that but I only notice it when I feel for it. I wasn't totally sold on the idea, like most people, but I wouldn't be without it now I've tried one. Mine's not needed any replacement parts, or even any noteworthy servicing but when it does, the bits are easy to find and the construction is simple, it's just a stick and a spring.


    One word (sentence) of caution; the little box on the stick (the one the wire goes in and makes it all work) is only bonded on. They can and do come off. Mine did with very little provocation and it's a bit of a faff to re-epoxy without clogging up the works or you have to send it back to get it repaired.

    I'd reinforce it with a couple of cable ties to help avoid any chance of separation…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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