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  • GPX / route Salisbury plain near Shrewton?
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    Planning to nip out for a ride this weekend on the gravel bike.

    Will be visiting the Salisbury plain area, so looking for a ~2hr route in that area that’s not going to fall foul of military exercises.  Will be based out of Shrewton, so near there would be ideal.

    Anyone got any map-my-ride / gpsies / other routes that they’ve followed and can recommend?


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    Check my recent posting history for some info on a Plain thread.  Am not at home otherwise I could have forwarded a gpx.

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    I’d head out, s of the Larkhill range, to Figheldean.  Cross river,  towards Silk Hill, then Old Marlborough Road towards Everleigh. When you meet the road, go across and up to Baden’s Clump. Track left, SWish down in to Enford for a pint at the Swan. Back road to Upavon, then climbs to Casterley Camp. Follow the range road south to Wexland Hanging, then skirt the danger area back to Shrewton.

    Good country, ideal gravel riding location. I used to live in the area!

    There is live firing for Larkhill this weekend ( ) but as long as you stick to the right side of the red flags, it’s open access. The red flags are not to be trifled with. Not one little bit. If the flag is up, stay the right side of it. Also, the range wardens are God of all they survey. If they say jump, you jump. They’re universally great people, but their word is law so obey.

    Finally, tanks have right of way. Whatever you think.

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    I used to live in Shrewton so know the area well.

    Grovely wood to the south is nice (was lovely yesterday anyway!) And the woods to the south of erlestoke (north of shrewton) are great to play around in.

    On the plain there are miles of tracks to the west of Shrewton that never upset any military training.

    There’s a mini jump track by the football/ cricket club in Shrewton too


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    Had a great ride this afternoon, so thank you all for the advice.

    Decided to stay well clear of Larkhill as I saw the flags up yesterday. Wasn’t really clear which sides of the RoW the flags were… well not to me. Perhaps next time.

    In the end I went west towards Chitterne, then south to Grovely Woods.

    Route if anyone is interested in future

    Great ride. I’d probably try and avoid the B390 as there are off road tracks which will avoid this.

    All rideable on my Arkose, although the water / vehicle ruts needed a bit of care!

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    Awesome! Love it round there!

    Looking forward to heading out that way on my Arkose when it comes next month…

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    Think I might have to head over towards Nethers on next weekend’s ride. This was last year, just down from Sidbury Hill.

    Strada Bianca on a Strada Bianca.

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