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  • Goretex (gore bike wear) & nikwax/grangers
  • as i was advised NOT to use the nikwax for goretex gorebikewear stuff by gorebikewear themselves, i am going to have to wash it very very soon for the first time, what does everyone else use? its on the new activeshell garments, has anybody used nikwax/grangers and it performed fine?

    i dont get why they dont recommend it, as the labelling on the nikwax stuff actually says ‘recommended for gore tex’ clothing….

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    you can just use non-bio powder/pure soap flakes to wash.

    you only need the graingers etc stuff if the DWR is no longer beading.

    did gore make a recommendation for refreshign the dwr – some just recommend a quick tumble dry.


    Did Gore tell you what not to use but no advice on what you can use?
    Is this that Fusion you mentioned recently? Did they replace it?

    yeah its the same jacket – ive not washed it yet though they have said if it fails to wash ok – i can send it directly to them to check it out (dont know really whether that means they will replace etc)….

    all they said was to use normal detergent (with NO softener) and tumble dry, alternatevly if its still not beading to spray on a tx direct spray onto the jacket itself, but NOT wash it in the liquid stuff….

    i am tempted to just do it there way, wash it and tumble dry with no extra stuff on after, as at least if it goes tits up i can say ive done as per instructions….if i use the nikwax wash in stuff i guess there is a chance they could refuse to warranty it

    its a great great jacket though, i just hope it washes ok and back to normal!

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    if they’ve made a recommendation for washing and reactivating the dwr then go with that.

    and the spray on stuff, again, if it’s what they recommend and it works then just do that?

    yeah – the only reason im quizzing it, is because i’ve used the nikwax stuff before on goretex stuff and its worked a treat, especially this new nikwax 11.1 solutions, since using that most goretex items i own have been beading off like they were new!

    actually just read the email again, and it states they dont recommend other products for cleaning as it causes confusion when washing, so stick by their own guidelines…

    went onto put that the nikwax wash in stuff will reproof the inner and outer of the jacket, this making the breathability on the inside suffer as its technically waterproofed on the inside too….not sure i believe that to be honest….

    anyways i reckon ill go with their ways of washing, i mean it sounds simpler and by reckoning i shouldnt have to buy any more nikwax stuff if i can wash it in normal detergent!


    You should avoid “normal” detergent as it contains wetting agents, which will stop the DWR from functioning properly.

    You should use either the nikwax soap, or get some liquid soap, or soap flakes from a supermarket and wash the jacket in that. Apply a gentle heat source (cool tumble dryer, hair dryer) to the outside of the jacket and see if the water beads off it. If it doesn’t apply a spray on dwr like Grangers.

    I’d imagine that Gore are telling you not to use a wash in waterproofer as it affects the lining of the jacket.

    nikwax soap? whats the difference to that and the normal nikwax detergent liquid?

    yeah they basically said it will affect the inner lining of the jacket, but if that is the case on this jacket, why is it not the case on every other jacket out there? i mean if you use nikwax/grangers you cant phsically avoid washing the inside lining?


    By Nikwax soap I mean Nikwax “Techwash” it’s just posh soap.

    Nikwax do a wash in water proofer called “TX direct” which is the stuff you should avoid. The older style goretex (3 layer and XCR) were ok to use with this stuff, but the new liner on the new Performance shell fabric doesn’t like to be waterproofed.

    hmmm thats interesting then, i have the wash in one, perhaps i should just use that……

    so the new stuff doesnt like the tx direct stuff? ive used it on shorts before that were goretex quite recently and they seemed fine?

    i mean im not complaining if it is the case it just works again after a simple wash, it will save me buying lots of nikwax stuff….


    I’ve just found that using a wash in water proofer seems to impair what little breathability my gore-tex performance shell jacket has already. I guess with shorts breathability isn’t such an issue.

    One thing I have always wondered is if there’s a difference between the tx-direct wash in or spray on. Perhaps you could try to spray on the wash in stuff (I hope that makes sense!) to your just washed jacket and see if it works?

    ahh right, is that the new 11.1 version that you have used too?

    i may just buy the spray on stuff to be honest anyways, they did recommend spraying on after if its not beading but NOT to wash it in, which you can confirm hasnt worked to well…

    as long as im safe using the normal nikwax wash stuff first then ill use that i reckon


    I’ve no idea what version I was using, sorry. I bought the wash in stuff a while ago though, I’m not sure how recent the 11.1 “upgrade” is.

    Edit: seems it was released in May, so probably was the stuff I used.

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    “all they said was to use normal detergent (with NO softener) and tumble dry, alternatevly if its still not beading to spray on a tx direct spray onto the jacket itself, but NOT wash it in the liquid stuff….”

    Just to be clear, the liquid stuff (TX Direct wash in) isn’t actually a cleaner, it’s just a proofer, nikwax recommend you wash the garment first in their techwash (but normal soap flakes are cheaper) before applying.

    I’ve always thought you should use the spray-on tx for shell jackets, the wash in one is only for clothing with a lining.

    yeah as dan has said above its the lining thats the problem, so thats why they are not recommending washin the tx direct wash in….

    ill wash it first with the techwash (as this is effectively safe) and then buy a spray on one as they have recommended….reading my email thoroughly, they do say it affects the lining as dan1980 has stated, and will affect breathability…they dont recommend nikwax or any other products, but said if i need to just use the washin stuff only in the washer, then reimpregnate the outer with the tx direct spray! turns out the spray is avaialble in 11.1 new formula so should be just as good as my shorts turned out with the wash in stuff!


    Phew! That took some time to establish….


    What’s happened to Gore’s ‘guaranteed 100% waterproof’!
    It’s sickened me this…I bought a Fusion AS jacket a few weeks ago but haven’t used it yet as I got it to take on a biking holiday to Spain. I’ve already got an Alp-x Goretex waterproof, this I’ve had a couple of years, it’s washed after each outing and it’s never needed re-proofing (it has been used lots)! As for fancy cleaners, I use Sainsbury’s non-bio for all my biking gear.
    If my arms get wet with the Fusion jacket I’ll be looking for a refund! I would have bought one made of eVent if I’d wanted something that needed careful looking after.

    Quick update for anyone interested ……

    Washed in grangers 30 degreecleaner today and then tumble dried straight after, the result is bot like it was new It’s not beading off mostly anywhere apart from the odd part….so thats a bit poop

    I’m gonna try the nikwax direct spray tomorrow and tumble dry it with that on to see if it does anything….so by the sounds of it you can’t just wash it and tumble dry and get it back to new

    This is It’s first ever wash by the way 🙁

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