GoPro Fusion Editing setup help?

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  • GoPro Fusion Editing setup help?
  • astura

    I have got myself a GoPro fusion, fantastic kit, love the stuff I get from it. Only oversight really is for editing the footage, at the moment I’m recording everything in 5.2K so know I could change that, I’m using the Fusion APP with an IPhone SE phone but, it does the job but seems clunky, I can’t really afford to get a new PC so really the APP is my best option,, so I’m thinking of getting a tablet which would give me a bigger screen to play with and something with more power than my SE, I don’t want to spend a lot so guessing this may need to be Android, looking on the GoPro Website it details IPads which are supported by the fusion but didnt show any Android tablets, can anyone recommend some setup options which would power the editing of this beast of a camera :)?


    I think a Iphone 7 will do the trick, does anyone one have one going cheap??


    I’m a bit confused here, but unless I’m looking in the wrong place, there’s no Fusion specific App for Android or IOS. The standard GoPro App is for Android or IOS and allows control of various GoPro cameras and, I think, some limited editing. However there’s a more heavyweight, Fusion Specific GoPro Fusion Studio for editing & stitching Fusion video which I’d imagine would be a better application to use (unless you need to edit whilst out & about); this is for Windows or Mac.

    You say that you can’t afford a new PC but do you have one that this would run on; it looks like it needs a 64 bit version of Windows 10?


    My experience is the GoPro software on PC is absolutely 100x worse than the Apps available on phones and tablets.

    I have a meaty i5-7600K 3.8GHz, 32gb ram, ssd, 1070ti 8gb gpu and the pc version crashes all the time when attempting to edit.

    Whereas I have a 4 year old iPad mini2 that seems to handle the editing of 1080p footage fine and I have a onePlu 6 (android) which will do the 2K fotage nicely too.

    I believe it’s due to the fact you can get much better video editing suites for Mac and PC so GoPro haven’t bothered with developing/fixing it.

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