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  • GoPro assistance please?
  • sadexpunk
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    ive been tasked at work with trying to sort out a video link to a tablet using the works gopro. never used a gopro and never used an apple tablet, so im p1ssing in the wind a bit here ūüėÄ

    would you be able to advise on whether what they want me to do can be achieved please?

    basically its an exercise where we want a live feed from within a high rise block, to officers on the ground looking at a tablet.

    ive got the gopro, its charging via usb to my laptop at the moment. then what?

    does the tablet need some gopro software or an app or something installed?

    can it feed a live link to it? and how? via bluetooth (range would be too far at a guess if say 6 floors higher). no wifi would be available either, so is this a non-starter?

    a workmate also thought that we’d need a youtube channel or similar for people to log into. that right?


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    I’m not sure that is possible. But if it is there will be a YouTube video explaining how to do it…

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    Don‚Äôt have a clue I‚Äôm afraid but is there anything to help here? ‚Äď,a%20list%20of%20streaming%20platforms.

    I think that it might be possible to stream from the GoPro via a connected phone with an internet connection and then view from the tablet via a url ‚Äď I‚Äôm mostly guessing though.

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    permanent or temporary?

    Phone signal might be an issue in the depths of a high rise

    *edit ‚Äď this might work. Looks a bit more straightforward on android to PC though than mixing Android/iOs/Windows. Apple to Apple might be ok via airplay

    Screen mirroring

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    GoPro Quik app will do all you need. Connects to camera with Wi-Fi and can preview on tablet. Only issue will be the range ‚Äď might be too far away if y‚Äôall building

    GoPro Quik app will do all you need. Connects to camera with Wi-Fi and can preview on tablet. Only issue will be the range ‚Äď might be too far away if y‚Äôall building

    That aint gonna work ‚Äď needs to be on a device you have with you, then getting it to the tablet from that device is the problem to be solved

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    Ah. GoPro 8 onwards will livestream so could do that. Depends if you want the content on Facebook I guess!

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    I’m not sure a GO PRO is the best tool for that job,battery life & overheating issues.
    I’d have a look for a security camera set up

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    The go-pro app will do what you want as long as it’s in range, the range isn’t great though. And on the older versions the image quality is absolutely dire, new ones aren’t so bad though.

    Beyond that you’re going to need to do something cleverer.

    The simplest option I can think of is a Cineye, costs about £200 but will stream a HDMI video source to an ipad over quite some distance. It’s running on 5ghz wifi (you connect your ipad to it as if it was a hotspot) so that gives an idea of range Vs passing through walls etc. In theory it’ll do 150m. We’ve used them on location to give live feeds to directors, covid compliance officers, friends/family of contributors, etc.

    Anyone with the app on the tablet and the password can the log into it.

    Or you can probably just set it up as a webcam and host a watsapp call from your laptop.

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    just to answer some of the questions above…..

    the gopro link above suggests that it can be done. i downloaded the Quik app, however, the tablet finds the gopro but when i try and follow the instructions its seems like its trying to connect to a wifi signal named after the gopro. then fails and is in a never ending loop.
    i got past it once by accident and got as far as trying to link to a facebook account so i tried setting up a new ‚Äėwork related‚Äô account using work email address but for some reason i was getting messages saying i was about to be locked out of my personal account so it just seems more faff than its worth.

    we may have to resort to just filming what we want and then looking at it at a later date.

    permananet or temporary? it can be permanent, theres 2 gopros here that they dont use for anything, so they may as well be permanently used for this type of thing if i could get it to work.

    they wont be buying any better equipment for the job, these are just what theyve got ‚Äėlying around‚Äô so ‚Äúcan you see if you can make it happen please, no worries if not‚ÄĚ

    thanks a lot for your help

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