Give me your best Mojito recipes

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  • Give me your best Mojito recipes
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    We like a good pre-dinner drink here at BigJohn Towers. Favourites include Caipirinha, Margarita, Bloody Mary, G&T and Tio Fino.

    But we've never got the hang of making a decent Mojito, although we've loved them in foreign bars. Maybe it's the soda water. We never usually have it in the house and have to get it in specially but it seems to spoil the drink. Can you use tonic instead?

    Anyway, let's have your perfect recipes.

    I make them all the time in summer people tell me they are good.

    You need.

    Lime cordial and fresh limes
    Brown sugar (Demerera is what I use)
    White rum
    Soda water
    Crushed ice
    Fresh mint leaves.

    So in a jug put say 1 cup of white rum
    put around 3 tablespoons of the sugar in the cup and dissolve with hot water (use as little water as you can) then add to the jug
    Put around a 1/4 cup of lime cordial in the jug (you'd think fresh limes would be better but people seem to prefer the cordial)
    Mash the mint leaves up in your hands, you don't want to shred them just help the goodness out, and add to the jug. Mix all that up.

    Then add lots of crushed ice and finally top up with around 3 cups soda.

    Serve and garnish with a qtr lime and a mint leaf.

    Tonic is totally different form soda water so it wouldn't be a suitable substitute.

    Can't you get those diddy Schweppes cans then they stay fresh for as long as you need.

    That's what I do with tonic water for G&Ts when I go through a phase* of liking them.

    *When someone has brought me a bottle of the export strength (47%) stuff back from oversees (for some reason it isn't available in the UK 🙁 )


    I guess the recipie is always the same – spcied rum, limes, mint, sugar, soda water top; but my top tips are to use lots of crushed ice and only a small top up of soda water. It's just there to add a little volume.

    As ever, fresh limes and fresh mint are imperative. Also if you can get hold of Havana Club or another premium quality gold/spiced rum, rather than just bacardi, that will make a big difference IMO.

    Mojitos are a pain in the ass the make but worth the effort as you've already found out.

    the classic mojito uses:
    Half a lime
    White sugar (brown sugar doesn't dissolve as easily but adds a better flavour IMO)
    50ml Rum (havana Club Blanco)
    muddle with a small rolling pin (or dedicated drinks muddler)
    add crushed ice and top up with soda water.


    I find the limes I tried had a very limited limeyness hence the cordial but it is a cheat and really not the done thing.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I think my problem may have been using too much soda then. I guess you're supposed to use as much soda in a mojito as you use vermouth in a martini.

    And yes, the little Schweppes cans are what we use for mixers.


    best with a good cachaca. plenty of lime & mint. brown cane sugar. small dash of soda only. crused ice of course.

    def NO lime cordial!

    Big John, you are probably right in using too much soda. fill the glass to the brim with crush ice and just top up with soda. probably no more than 100ml depending on the size of glass you are using. I use a standard Collins glass.

    :mrgreen:I find if you use plenty of white rum the soda issue sorts itself out!

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