Gisburn blue route, how hilly? Easier / harder than Whinlatter Blue?

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  • Gisburn blue route, how hilly? Easier / harder than Whinlatter Blue?
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    How hilly is the Gisburn Blue route, and is it possible to cut it short? Thinking of going there with my 6yr old, she can just manage the blue at whinlatter with a bit of walking here and there so wondering if Gisburn is easier or harder than Whinlatter blue?


    I don’t know about other trail centres but I run Gizzy blue quite regularly (while wife is riding the red) and it’s quite straightforward with some slightly tricky bits where I’d guess a 6yo may be pushing (not that I know any 6yos) but nothing too severe and lots of shortcut options on the gravel roads (which it makes quite a lot of use of anyway). Also a nice cafe if it’s open.

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    I went round with my daughter when she was similar age and learning and it was OK – she’s strong for her age but doesn’t like anything technical. We had to walk the first trail but after that it was all fine – overall length, hilliness not a problem. Take a map / phone app so you can pick a shortcut if necessary.


    Long time Gisburn user here, I actually think The Snake (at the very start) is bit too challenging as a blue route by the standard of other trail centers, it used to run down a fire road which is still there but unused as it’s off the road to the Forest Hub. Apart from this the rest is pretty much as you would expect and it’s easy to miss the final Cocklet Hill loop if little legs are tired as it passes the cafe (or even just do the Cocklet Hill loop as it starts behind the cafe)

    Personally I think the ‘climbing’ on Gisburn Blue is easier than at Whinlatter.  Virtually all of it is fire road too.  In terms of difficulty I think it’s hard to call.  If you’ve both done Whinlatter I can’t see there being an issue with Gisburn.  As said you could easily make most of it fire road if needed.


    thanks, will give Gisburn a try then for a change

    Whinlatter blue climbing is concentrated into a couple of longish fire road drags, Gisburn is much easier because the climbs are shorter. There will be a couple of spots where your 6-year-old may be pushing, but they will be shortish.

    The Snake is much better now they’ve repaired it. If anything it feels easier the slower you go, as the turns are quite tight at full gas, so should be fine for younger riders now. They’ve got rid of the potentially slippery wooden bridge at the bottom as well.

    However, I would personally park at Cocklett Hill rather than the Hub to give your young’un a warm up on easier stuff before you get there.

    The rest is pretty much a motorway, very little in the way of tech features, just a couple of tight berms here and there with a bit of bumpy track.

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