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  • Getting re-aligned after a bit of a shunt
  • lesgrandepotato
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    Made it out for a of a spin yesterday after 2 weeks of hiding from the ice. Missed the bridge at the farm on the gravel bike and landed somewhat heavily.

    A few cuts and bruises aside. When I landed it made my shoulder and upper back ‘pop’ from the impact like a session h with the chiropractor.

    I now feel somewhat out of alignment. Should I just let it be?or do I need a big Hungarian woman to realign me?

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    It’s a subjective thing but history has taught me that if I feel something is wrong, especially after a crash, then it often is (not always though!). I’d say it’s worth getting looked at on the basis, as the knock on can be that other muscles/joints have to compensate which can cause injury or issues in the longer term.

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    It’s worth getting it checked, I had an off a few years back nothing broken but did have a shoulder injury which took a few months to heal and I have a slight drop on that shoulder now, doesn’t impair me in anyway but I do wish I’d have got it checked at the time.

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    Go out again, fall off on the other side and viola! Realigned.


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    No, but you could BAChiropractor with that sort of approach. Similar levels of scientific proof, too.

    I imagine if you visit one of them they’ll tell you you your out of alignment, there’s an issue with a disc in your alive, and you need a course of treatments, the last one of which will roughly coincide with the average time it would take to heal from your injury un’assisted’.
    You’ll then need continuous ‘top ups’ to keep you functioning properly.

    Or, gobble a few NSAIDs, give it a few days, see how you feel.

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    It sounds like an AC separation to me. If you are not in constant pain, it is likely to be a low grade one. See a Physio to check?

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    Go see a proper sports physio.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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Search the forum using the power of Google

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