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  • Genuine BMW bike racks….any good?
  • ken_shields


    I need to get some kind of bike rack for my 3 series company car.

    I can’t get a tow hitch fitted as the lease requires that I get a genuine BMW tow bar fitted and at £1100 fitted, it’s a bit expensive.

    I’ve priced up Thule racks (I need to carry 3 bikes) and thats quite and expensive option for using Thule.

    BMW do own brand bikes racks and roof rails. I’ve been for a look see at the BMW dealers and they look sturdy, well made and cheaper than the Thule stuff.

    Anybody got experience of them?



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    Check for Thule stuff on the classifieds and Ebay – Got two proride 591s and bars etc for my A4 for £95 a little while back


    Go with thule every time over car manufacturers own…they usually look good but dont have the substance of thule.
    I second th 591s…excellent bike holder…try….

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    I kept my eyes open for some bars and racks – got the bars off a guy who drove a Honda Accord – remember him being really confused when he turned up to drop his bars off – he said "I was looking for an Accord" – little did he know that by advertising the bars as Honda accord bars (made by Thule) he’d kept his bids to a minimum meaning I coulod enjoy a cheap set of bars and get the footpack from somewhere else saving me a forture!!

    Just felt I’d share!


    I have a set of BMW bars on my one series. Quality of the rack is excellent, and they are very quick and easy to fit. I have had them for about 2.5 years, and on average they get fitted once or twice a month, and no problems so far… I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again. It is worth asking the parts man at your local dealers if they have any promotions coming up, as every so often they have a deal on ‘touring’ parts – I think I got 20% off mine.

    I have Atera bike racks on mine, so no idea of the BMW ones.


    A mate had genuine BMW bike roof rack for his 7 series saloon. It was a cracking thing which doubled as bike stand, you sort of clamped the bike into it like a bike stand where you could work on it, then you swung the bike up into position on the car. A very nifty piece of kit, better than the thule bars I would say.

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    Thule 591’s and aero bars, very quick to fit and take off again, good sturdy bits of kit and spares are readily available. Definately do the ebay thing- look up the parts you require and find out the other vehicles they fit, quite often a set of bars will with a new fitting kit fit another make.
    I did a similar thing and picked up both my carriers and aero bars through ebay, neither were advertised for my 3 series, but fitted according to thule listing. They’re spot on!

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    My BMW rack is excellent for most things, but the clamp system isn’t brilliant for odd shaped tubing like my Mojo.

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    i got a set of Thule roof bars for my 3 series E46 from ebay for £30 incl postage. They’re very good but had to wait a bit to find the right ones. The bike racks I got were halfords Advanced, £70 for two.

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