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  • Genesis Volare – thoughts?
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    I think my road bike frame is cracked so I am using this an excuse to get a new frame. Always loved the idea of racing geometry on a steel frame and with a discount at my LBS it’s not actually too expensive if I can transfer most of the current build over.

    So, has anyone ridden one? Or indeed have any general views on them?

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    Cheeky bump?!

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    Don’t think much of the current paint job, seen a 931 (is that what you’re going for?) previously that looked stunning though! Was talking to someone last week who’s just got one, he’s very happy with it. Not ridden one myself though.

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    I have an equilibrium which is far less fancy but I absolutely love it, imagine the volare is excellent. Having said that I am not one for being quick on the roads so not interested in out and out performance

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    In the STW tradition of “don’t quite answer the question asked and recommend what you have” … 🙂

    (agree the paintjob on the Genesis is horrible, BTW)

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    Appreciate that you may not be after the disc version, but these guys liked it.

    I love both the disc and rim brake colours!


    Fantastic bike. Stiff enough in the right places, bit of 853 magic for the all day comfort too. Shame they don’t do them with the Enve fork any more (and personally I preferred the straight HT)

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    Seriously, if the geometry is right, then the bike will handle well. Stiffness is tube diameter not material. I would in stainless steel. I’d also do everything to get the weight down to my carbon bikes – what’s not to like?

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    I posted recently that I’m after a replacement road frame, possibly a Volare 853 / 931 or other racy steelie.

    The brief is meant to be as a more purely road-focused ride than my Shand Stooshie, which is an execellent all rounder but more relaxed than a racer. That space is currently occupied by my Emonda ALR, with a high spec and weighing in at under 7.5kg all-in.

    I’m trying to decide myself whether to go for a carbon frameset, or the more characterful and well-regarded Volare with some extra light parts to get it under 8kg.

    The Volare reviews are all positive and, if your mission isn’t to have the very lightest, then I’d go for it if I were you.

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    I have a 2015 Volare (853) and it rides lovely! If you’re after a medium Freewheel have ex-display 853 (2017, non-disc) and 931 (2018, disc) frames with a chunk off.

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