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  • Anyone got one of these? Or heard any reports about them?

    I know there is one as a long term test bike for a STW Staffer but have not seen much in the mag about them except this:

    Seem really good value and might be exactly what I am looking for!

    Any feedback appreciated!


    Fantastic value. Had a quick spin on one last September, and felt really nice. Great all-rounder imo.


    agree with pauly, hired one for the day at glentress as I wanted to see what all the fuss about these steel hardtails was about. It was very nice and I think you’d struggle to find a better off the shelf steel hardtail. It convinced me to bite the bullet on an alpine frame which is very similar.


    rs – can i get some commission from Dialled for that? 🙂 tbh they’re quite different bikes in fact (geo, fork match and stiffness to weight) but nice one for buying a british brand anyway!

    look out for wideopen mag (online) review soon, and Skyline cyles at Afan have just started with Genesis and will have a few test bikes fairly soon.

    If you want a trail bike for use in wales / peak etc, that climbs as well as decends, i’d put it up against anything similar. I know of a couple of riders who’ve ditched a couple of the ‘other uk guys’ bikes due to preferring the Alpitude, but tbh it’s all a case of matching bike to rider rather than one being better than the other. the tough / stiffer front and slimmer rear end suit more rider’s needs for a tough but wide-ranging frame i think.
    it’s just over 5lb for the frame so it’s better suited to all-day big terrain rides than some of the more overbuilt bikes, but strength-wise it’s larger dia 853 and quite up to the job.


    you can try :lol:, I looked at the geometry of them both and overall there are a lot of similarities between the two, there not identical but they are quite close.

    16.5″ Alpitude, ST 420mm, TT 578mm, HT 110mm, Chainstay 425mm, HA 69.5, SA 73.5, BB Height 312mm, Weight 5.25lbs (also has 853 seat tube)

    17″ Alpine, ST 431mm, TT 558mm, HT 105mm, Chainstay 424mm, HA 68.5, SA 74, BB Height 323mm when sagged with 130mm fork, Weight 5.65lbs

    So yes there are differences, not that many and not enough to make me prefer one over the other based on geometry alone, the alpine was more readily available to me in Canada and i like the look of it that little bit better.


    tbh i didn’t realise the dialled was that weight, thought it was 6lbs or so – sorry

    the angles are actually quite different once fork length used is taken into account, ie i’d not put a 160mm Bomber on the Alpitude as the geo won’t be right but it’s often how i see the Alpine set up.

    but hey youre riding in canada and i’m not.. what better place to try it out!

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    Any chance you could mail me please about a comment you made a couple of weeks ago re Croix de fer forks.
    andytrousers AT hot mail . com

    Sorry for the shameless plug, but we (Brodie) do something similar, the Holeshot except for the fact that the frame is not steel!

    Anyway, we have a few available at a reduced price of £999, which i think is good value considering.

    Mods, feel free to wrap my knuckles and remove my post if I’m not allowed to shamelessly plug my bikes 🙂

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