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  • Gemini lights any good -alternatives for solo rider ?
  • vondally
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    Hello just been asked about Gemini lights on Merlin, and are they any good? I have no idea on lights as it something I have not bothered about, person asking id a good red/black trail centre rider, but looking to get fitter and quicker (fool) will use them on the road to get to the off road bits and wants something reliable as they usually ride by themselves, minimum two hour rides, they have just got an exposure joystick mk7 so that will be a good helmet light I would have thought.

    so any recommendations

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    just not from crgmoto.

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    oh budget is upto £120.00

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    Gemini Duo is the same light, battery etc as the Yinding from Deal Extreme/ DX. It’s only £30 and is superb value for a decent light.
    Buying old stock from Merlin means that the Li-ion battery is already a year into it’s limited life expectancy. Buying new stock form DX should mean that the battery lasts longer.

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    Buying new stock form DX should mean that the battery lasts longer.

    except that it is probably a lower quality battery in the first place.

    Any you also risk that it might be a yingding clone that you actually get – I bought one out of interest but didn’t get the one advertised.

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    that gemini also looks like the gloworm x2.

    I have the gloworm X2 and X1, so 1200 on the bars and 850 on the head, and that is probably all you need.

    People are often saying how bright they are, and in fact I normally only runs the bar light at medium.

    Don’t know what the light pattern is but the ‘brighter’ chinese ones I have seen or have just don’t seem as good and you need to run them full to have the same effectiveness as the gloworm on medium. Plus the light ‘color’ is much nicer.

    I bought a nominally higher rated fluxient for a mate and was disappointed in it compared to the gloworm.

    I also had the 1000 lumen T6 Fluxient torch that torchy’s site shows as much more powerful than the 400 lumens mk 7 joystick, but in reality the exposure is nicer with a better pattern and color.

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    I’ve got a Gemini Olympia. It’s very good.

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    Gemini and Gloworm are very similar, same LEDs, reviews say Gloworm just tips it with less heat and a few more lumens from a smoother optic.

    I have the latest Gloworm X1 (head) and X2 (bars) (1500 and 950 lumen I think) and often run them both on full, but getting PB’s on descents at night (!) – awesome lights.

    Support from Ison Distribution is great for Gloworm. As above, avoid CRG (search on here), buy from LBS and they are great.

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    BikeTart can get the gloworms – I have just ordered another 2 cell battery.

    The gemini head light has a 2 cell battery which is pretty useful for hanging on theback of your helmet, althought their is slightly lower capacity than the gloworm

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    I wouldn’t say the gemini duo was the same as the Yinding. The yinding has copied the design of the Gemini. The Gemini duo comes with a programmable driver so you change the brightness of the different modes, the battery is far better quality and the charger will be better/safer.

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