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  • morgs

    one for the engineers on here, and I’m not one so will apologise in advance if I’m being stupid…

    We have hub gears and have had for years and years….but, if you wanted to retail a 27/30sp set up, you needed to have the traditional f&r mechs, chains etc etc.

    If you want belt drive, you can get, what, 1×11 speed as your max number of gears?

    So, as a thought, would it be possible to have a bottom bracket mounted hub-tupe gearing system? I know that the BB case on bikes would be too small for the stuff needed, but would it be possibel to do?

    I’m thinking of a fairly insane 3×11, with an alfine hub on the back, internal 3 speed at the front and a belt drive…would something like this be a possibility? And would there be benefit to internal bb type gearing?

    cheers all


    2×7 would be more than enough .both systems already exist


    Something like these? clicky

    Not quite what you were on about, but an interesting system none the less…

    Rohlof is 14 gears with the same range as a 3 x 9

    you get theschlumpf 2 spd bb thingy in a variety of styles – thats more than enough gears for anyone except sheldon brown


    Schlumph 2 speed bb gear




    From 16. – 28 gears ….with no real point Alot of weigh and drag

    But i do love my rohloff in winter 🙂

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    schlumpf/hammerscmidt with a rohloff would be a theoretical 28spd, but ultmately an expensive novelty…

    Is today “I’ve been living in a cave” day?


    the millyard bike had a nexus above the bb.
    hub gear with half step up front would make sense.the older alfine tensioner was designed that way I think.


    or the gboxx.


    that millyard thing is quality, lots of interesting ideas on it.

    I’ve seen an orange P7 that had a hammerschmidt and a rohloff.


    Canyon had a prototype last year of a 3-spd internal-gear hub with a 10-spd cassette on it, and you could feasibly run a triple chainset too. That’s 90, right, or did I fail miserabley at maths?

    Edit: it was a 2-spd hub, so 60 in total. Sheldon’s still got ’em beat.


    I’ve built bikes with Rohloff and Schlumpf – a Rohloff plus a High Speed Drive gives you a gear range of 13″ to 135″.

    Which is a bit silly 🙂


    SACHS (Sram) used to do a 3 speed internal (7speed) freehub hub.

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    TandemJeremy – Member
    Anyone for 63 gears?…

    Amateurs. 🙂

    Front – 16 speed Cambiogear

    Rear – Rohloff 14 speeds

    Total 16×14 = 224

    But if you want to get creative a couple of extra sprockets could be bolted on to the rear Rohloff cog with a derailleur, so

    3x16x14 = 672. (It wouldn’t take much work to do).

    Yes, I have all those components, but as a dedicated singlespeeder, I am protecting the gearies from their follies by not telling anyone about this idea. Oops!….

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