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    As someone who crashes a bit I am paranoid that I’ll lose my Garmin in a crash. It’s happened once where I’ve gone over the bars and finished a race sans Garmin. Luckily, someone picked it up and handed it in.

    With my camera, the first thing I do is take a picture of my contact details so if it ever gets lost people know how to give it back. Can someone suggest a similar thing to do with my Garmin please? I have already labelled it, but I don’t trust the labelling to maintain the text in the wet.



    What model Garmin? On a lot of them, you can customise the startup screen. So I have mine set to display my phone number and email address when its switched on.

    You could also mark a waypoint for “Home”, with your address/phone number.

    Or stick a label inside the battery compartment.

    Also, if you can attach a lanyard, do that, then loop it around the bars.

    If its an Edge800 then you can display a message on the start screen..


    Can you, how?

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    There’s a startup.txt file you can edit

    b r

    My garmin had the ability to edit the start-up title, so I input my name and phone number.

    I have a stem mounted 705 and as a little bit of extra security I zip tie around the stem and head unit to stop it detaching if I crash. You can usually position it to lie between the data fields.


    In 6 years of using stem mounted Garmins I have never had the slightest issue with one coming off. This includes road, cx (inc 3 Peaks), and mtb.


    Lanyard looped round the frame?

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Awesome. Thanks people.

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