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  • [Richie O’Benaud]

    Top of the morning, everybodeeeeeee

    [/Richie O’Benaud]

    Great start by Australia this morning in Manchester…



    This DRS nonsense just rumbles along.

    The solution. No DRS during the game. The umpires umpire. The players accept the decisions or face sanction. The umpires performance is reviewed after each game using whatever technology is available. The umpires are promoted or demoted up or down a rating system as a result. You have your elite panel as a result, the top 15 perhaps.

    Net result, the game doesn’t become a farce while it is being played. The umpiring should be of the best standard available. Job done.

    Umpires should also be given discretion on bad light. For example, telling Moin Khan to piss off when he complained his fielders couldn’t see the ball, when he had slowed the over rate down deliberately himself. Sure, the end of that series looked farcical, but it showed that cheating ought to be negated if possible. It was Moin that caused that farce, he should have been told by the ICC after that game “unlucky mate, you’ve lost the series, and you’ve got a $100,000 fine. You can pay it yourself, or split it amongst your team”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1,321 through 1,324 (of 1,324 total)

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