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  • Gainsborough is grim.
  • Mattie_H

    Very small world! What years were you there?

    *waves at CrispedWheel*

    don simon

    Very small world!

    *starts wondering about sadexpunk’s comment of yesterday*

    apparently a few decades ago they stuck all the undesirables from other towns there and rumour has it they interbred a fair bit



    Gainsborough is no different to any other town in the region.. goole, scunny, retford, worksop, mansfield, louth, M.Rasen.. each and every one of them left high and dry in the 80’s and have stagnated since. Zero employment initiative together with loads of cheap residential new builds have generated a massive buy to let market, dragging whole areas down in the process.

    Strange that Gainsborough was the one mentioned as a dump though because thats the one considered to have had the most spent on it recently and is the only one listed above that has actually got better rather than worse..


    Scunny’s far better now than it was when i was growing up


    Mattie, the world is smaller than you think, I went to Winterton Comp..

    mrs ecclestone, RE teacher


    Blast from the past there! She was bloody awful.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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