Funny sized People – do you have a great time in the sales or what!?

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  • Funny sized People – do you have a great time in the sales or what!?
  • Premier Icon allankelly

    I need some new gloves. If I could fit XXS or XXL sizes, I'd be laughing. Medium – full price.

    I wouldn't mind some new shoes either. Size 34 or 48, excellent. 42 – full price.

    It's crap being average!


    What is annoying is websites that advertise stuff at hugely reduced prices without saying that they've only got these small/large sizes.


    Premier Icon DezB

    Funny that, I was just looking for L merino tops and all Embers Merino have are M. There you go medium man.


    It's great being skinny

    Premier Icon aracer

    Not necessarily, no. I take S in most things and size 41 shoes. Whilst I can sometimes get bargains, just as often I find shops only have the "average" sizes in.

    Not a sale example, but the road shoes I'd like to try on appear to only be stocked by the manufacturer's own branded shops starting from size 42. I asked about getting some 41s in to try and they wanted a deposit off me! Not the first time I've had that problem with footwear – at least one big outdoor chain only stocked mens boots from 42.

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    Any colour prefrence on your gloves- may be able to help?


    another size 42 which for a full blooded male me thinks is a bit on the small size and generally good for bargain footwear

    Premier Icon nickc

    I find being medium is increasingly become a niche size TBH. there's lots of places that mostly start at L for mens stuff, and have only things like tee shirts in any other sizes.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    Aye, for big freaks there might be more stuff in the sales (size 13 shoes), but really, you wouldn't want to buy most of it. "Hmm, yes, I would love to try on those NHS style tassled brogues, they're lovely" 😆


    It's normally a pain in the backside to find stuff that fits my bulkyness, but it pays off every now and then, like my Helly Hensen Boarding jacket that should have been £300 and cost me £49. Or my Goretex walking jacket that cost me £80 instead of £220.

    I have a large head, this has paid off a few times, everything else not so much!


    Cycling clothing is made for malnourished labrats – XXXL is something puny like a 46" chest. Large isn't as big as it used to be, XL is smaller and few people even make t-shirts in XXL never mind carry stock. Gloves I have scored on, but the rest mostly don't exist.
    The American companies tease us with their 23" bikes and XXL frames on their websites, then don't import them.


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