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  • Funnest trail you've ever ridden.
  • grumm

    I thought that bit was pretty uninspiring compared with the rest of the track, tbh.

    For me it’s probably the upper half of the qualifier track on the Mega that I liked the best. I guess it’s not very fashionable to pick a trail centre but I really enjoyed Laggan. Just seems to flow really well.


    More pix please – that one in Les Arcs looks completely marvellous

    Premier Icon ampthill

    its not really in the same type of trail as is described here but i did anyo the slick rock trail in moab. Its as much as down but it was more different than anything else but i loved it like a kid on a new bike

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Lots of Les Arcs is great – never really bother with names (I know which is La Varda though and it is good fun but I think I prefer some others). Havent ridden many places though, so can’t really talk

    All the better for the chairlifts, though ! 😳

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Toboggan in Verbier always brings a huge grin to my face.

    GRAEMEJONES – Member
    The Brazilian,with Bike Verbier .Thanks very much Phil and Lucy!

    I think we have a winner, especially with this at the bottom:

    What is it, 20km+ of downhill or something stupid, mix of open rocky stuff, skirting around fields on hardpack and those amazing endless switchbacks at the end. Then a dip in the lake. Mint.

    Toboggan is worthy of a mention though.

    Someone up there ^^^ mentioned the Glentress Blue from Buzzards Nest to the Hub. Also worth a mention, simply because its 100% fun when you’re flying. Last time we did it there was 7 or 8 of us, inches away from each others wheels all pinning it down there…


    Rocky singletrack after the Glacier on the Megavalanche.

    I thought that bit was pretty uninspiring compared with the rest of the track, tbh.

    Did you ride it outside of the event? It’s a ballache when racing as there are too many people mincing. Twisty flowing rocky views ace.
    Also coming off the mostly unridable glacier, especially in the race, it’s glorious. Once you get round the hill with Alpe Dhuez in view it’s not so good. Oh and I last rode it in 2004 so it could be quite different now.

    I can’t believe I forgot Froota. Specifically Joes Ridge and Kessel Run circa 2004.

    Joes Ridge by tomlevell, on Flickr

    The Kessel Run by tomlevell, on Flickr


    False teeth at CyB, just for pure speed and grin factor

    Have to say, i quite agree.

    Rode the MBR for the first time on sunday, and it was reallllllyyyyy fun.

    Premier Icon GRAEMEJONES

    Thanks DBW! Nice to see someone else on here knows that one as well. That trail is what Alpine 160’s were built for. At the end of that we were just lying in the grass giggling like a bunch of kids . Many Happy Returns to come !


    Devilla forest near kincardine, the trail to the east of moor loch done north to south – at least before they cleared all the rhodedendrons from the start and finish. It had sudden twists and turns, rhodedendron tunnel, dodgy bridges, mud but always thought it was great fun.



    A sad loss

    If you want to wave willies, see posts above, but the OP asked for funnest.


    Magic carpet was good Gee.
    For me the trail at badaguish 😀

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    flyingmonkeycorps – Member
    Suicide Brake / Lockerbrook down to the visitors centre at Fairholmes. Fast, fast, FAAAAAST rocky and fast SLOWDOWN.

    Is that the ‘alternative’ descent to Gores?

    +1 for False Teeth at Coedy and Parallel Universe at Llandegla.

    For 5h1t5 and giggles I have to confess affection for Jambo and Sharki’s trail on the Q’s . I still haven’t fully mastered it, but I’m close. When I’m riding well and it’s dry, the old DH trail in Rowberrow Wood is similar.

    For lovely singletrack, I really like sections of NantYArian, and a cheeky local trail called Badgers, esp when it’s dry, leafy and drifty in the Autumn.

    For speed: I like the brakes off, balls-out fast zigzag descent from North Hill to Minehead beach. Ideally in the summer with dust billowing everywhere.

    Premier Icon bangin on

    I love my wee trails at Drumlanrig for fun fun fun; but then maybe I’m biased, or maybe i just build them for the way I like to ride, I don’t really care. Kirrochtree’s pretty good too, from the wall to the finish is toptastic.


    Bangin on – well Drum goes without saying really 😀

    Rob Hilton

    Lemmings – always finish it with a massive grin and probly a semi 🙂

    About the last 3 seconds of the Mark of Zorro where it feels like you’re flying are also a fave.


    Verbier’s Bojangles? Or maybe Silly Arete. No doubt Phil’s got some new ones up his sleeve for 2011….

    Nelson, BC, Hitman into Doz Slabs or Lick Creek.


    The section of blue trail at learnie red rock that starts after the entrance to the ‘freeride’ trail..

    Just checked the map and it’s called ‘callachy downhill’ and is 1.2km of linking berms, great for learning scrubs on.

    Also I think everything we rode during a bike village holiday, but I try not to think about the fact that other countries have better riding than here.

    Premier Icon DaRC_L

    TSY +1
    and City Park Motocross trail in Austin

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    ooh, magic carpet at brandon is very nice.
    And Joe’s Ridge is on the list of “trails to ride before I die”

    Can’t think of my favourite off the top of my head. Ullswater, including the descent from the Cockpit is up there.
    Fave local trail the cheeky descnet to Farmways store from Dukeshouse wood.


    Locally at the moment its ‘up the wrong un then into derek’s back door’
    Good old drifty, rooty fun 😀


    Half Nelson in Squamish – 5 min DH pump track, leaves you wanting another run everytime 🙂

    After that I love original Sin top section leading into Goats Gulley

    Another… I’ve only ridden it once in the soaking wet but the Volunteer Trail at Gisburn left me with a massive grin.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    One of the Black Rock descents at the bottom of Superbagneres, courtesy of A Quick Release. Still no idea how we all survived though, something about the trail just caused an outbreak of mad recklessness. Fantastic though.

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