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  • Funnest trail you've ever ridden.
  • As an alternative to the hardest, which is the most fun?

    I’m going for

    Flowtastic (with Switchbacks in Spain), speeeeeeed, drop, jump, speeeeeeeeeeeed, corner, speeeeeeeeeeeeeed, corner, jump, rocks, corner, speeeeeeeed, drop, jump, corner, rocks, speeeeeeeed, repeat for what seems like forever, then it just suddenly ends 🙁

    Unfortunately the pleasure/pain theory holds true and that ride leads onto a slog up the road folowed by lemmings/touretts :S


    The (now non-legal) descent from La Flegere into the Chamonix Valley. Just the best stretch of trail I’ve ever ridden.


    lick her sore in gillard creek, canada. no longer there 🙁

    come to think about it, it’s herts shore 🙂 🙂

    Sorry I thought it said the “funniest trail” – but I’ll post on that basis anyway – The Barbie Trail at Cannock which features (well it used to I haven’t noticed them for a while now I come to think about it!) various Barbie & Ken figures in various states of undress and disassembly.

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    For pure flowing, grin inducing singletrack, the end of Follow The Dog once it cross’s the road is brilliant. Sure, there are harder, more technical trails but that bit is just plain fun.


    Magic carpet at Brandon Country Park, Thetford. Sooo long and just downhill enough to make it super-fast round all the berms. A brilliant trail and loads of fun – now sadly deceased 🙁


    Nah the old end sections were better than the newer ones. They were good but they chopped down the rollers and ruined them, the rest of it is just churned up and rutted and generally wasted. Any section on the Monkey is far better fun than the end of the Dog

    Headless Chicken when its dry.

    The DH tracks at Morgins, they were fun on my Dialled and on a Brooklyn.

    “emma watsons itchy witchy bitz” @ swinley.

    i’m guessing its called that ‘cos once you’ve ridden her you’ve caught the bug 😆

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    grannys back garden thing in les arc.

    Freight train to Dirt Merchant into Heart of Darkness – Whistler

    geetee – which one, there are loads! illegal only in july/august.

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    and the drop from the park/lawson park back to the coniston road at the end of a long day out.


    electric blue down to the hub at Glentress, true blue at llandegla and also parallel universe in Llandegla


    “El Ingeniero” (The Engineer), Segovian side of the Sierra de Guadarrama in central Spain. An hour of swoopy singletrack through the trees.


    La Varda and Calvin’s trouser snake* in Les Arcs with trail addiction

    *May not be still refered to as this!

    Pictured with me on it 🙂

    Oh and for trail centre UK stuff i did really enjoy cannok chase

    agreeing with davidtayforth, the berms at morgin have been built by angels.

    Also really enjoying the descents on the wall at Afan at the moment

    “emma watsons itchy witchy bitz” @ swinley.

    where’s that then?

    Kirroughtree Black

    Suicide Brake / Lockerbrook down to the visitors centre at Fairholmes. Fast, fast, FAAAAAST rocky and fast SLOWDOWN.

    Makes me feel like a downhillest every time I stay off the brakes a little bit further, and always puts a grin on my face.


    The last 2 big (by cannock standards) descents on the Monkey Trail, just before you cross back over the road to the FTD side 🙂

    The Minton Batch descent at the Long Mynd is probably one of my favourite descents, though last time I went I was rubbish at it 🙁


    Rocky singletrack after the Glacier on the Megavalanche.

    Megavalanche 2004 by tomlevell, on Flickr

    That Bridleway on the side of Ullswater.

    Other local stuff.

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    Sheepskull at Forest of Dean maybe, short but so sweet. Not as it was on my recent visit though – all muddy and with loads of felled trees blocking top section.

    Or the Tello descent in Alpujarras, Sierra Nevada, sticks in my mind as an all-time fave. Would love to go back.


    The DH tracks at Morgins, they were fun on my Dialled and on a Brooklyn

    +1 CAnt make up my mind which one though. The blue is flat out uber-fun, but you can hit the berms on the red so hard you come out dizzy 😀


    Used to be Climachx final descent, now probably track 1 in Alpe d’Huez. Love top of DH3 at Aston too.


    the red route xc descent at inners especially the top part fast and loads to keep me smiling

    and natural Minton batch on a dry day


    I have to agree with Freeridenick – Freight train to Dirt Merchant into Heart of Darkness – Whistler. Or the ridiculous bermy one (superstar?) at Silverstar.


    oh and A-line of course…


    bretchfa, black run. the corkscrew section amazing stretch of trail

    Rocky singletrack after the Glacier on the Megavalanche.

    I thought that bit was pretty uninspiring compared with the rest of the track, tbh.

    Funnest trail centre trail for me is probably Stainburn Black. Other than that, there are too many choices…

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    The Brazilian,with Bike Verbier .Thanks very much Phil and Lucy!


    Descent from Prarion to St Gervais the back way then down to Le Fayet via the pipeline, 2 hours of pretty much solid, sweet singletrack


    Agrifoglio, Val Argentina, Italy… I ride it loads but I still havent found a better trail*

    *Havent been to Whistler yet tho!!!

    powerslave in nelson.
    didn’t come close to clearing it all on the one time i rode it, but i could easily ride that thing alot ’til i had it dialled….

    or some of the moab stuff i rode 15 yrs or so ago and can’t remember the names of…..sunny, rocky and glorious.

    the scottish borders manage to make me smile on a regular basis tha noo, though….

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    For the bitd-ness of rose tinted memory – the Beast at Thetford in the 90s before it got hammered.

    For local fun – the Hartslock path between Whitchurch on Thames and Goring, when it is dry.


    False teeth at CyB, just for pure speed and grin factor 😀 or the blue at llandegla the day it opened, it was super smooth but loose for drifty fun.

    Puncture Alley from Pointe de Mossettes down to Lindarets in the French Alps. Or maybe the DH trail the other side down to Les Crosets….scared me sh*tless though….

    Although now ive posted that someone will be along to say its a rubbish trail and they have ridden it sat backwards on a bamboo constructed fixed wheel adult trike in the pitch black whilst eating a plate of freshly cooked french crepes.

    1. Long Trail = The Downieville Downhill – starting at the Sunrise Trail, which links up to Bucher Ranch, then down to 3rd Divide for smooth fast singletrack and ending on upper and lower 1st Divide to finish.

    2. Short Burst = The Repack – the short burst from the top down to the Finish line.


    There is one cheeky one we do as a night ride – its really knarly and overgrown with tree stumps, boardwalk with alge, nettle and roots galore – we call it the “Ho Chi Min” trail.

    Always make me smile, almost never cleaned.

    The Chavannes in Les Gets – I love it so!

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