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  • full sus or Ti frame?
  • hotcharge

    what to do buy a full sus or a ti frame? Any help appreciated


    Can you really compare the two?

    If you can i can’t help cos i’ve never ridden ti or thai come to think of it..

    A Ti hardtail rides like a hardtail, just a little more forgiving on your body on long rides. It rides nothing like a full suss bike. Do you want a full suss or hardtail? Then if you want a hardtail, do you want a bike that puts your body through less punishment?

    Knowing the answers to those questions should then leave you with just which full suss frame? Or which Ti frame? Easy eh!:-)

    I think it’s a good question. I tried out a couple of full suss frames – GF Sugar, and Cake and they were OK. The Cake was better, a bit like riding a Range Rover though. I then tried steel, as I’d heard it was naturally springy – a P7, lovely, more like am MG sports car. I then got the chance to buy a Ti, and it was light, and forgiving, but expensive! Subsequently I’ve had an Epic, a Klein Palomino, Kona Dawg, and a Stumpy FSR. I found the latter 3 quite ‘wallowy’, the Epic was brilliant no movement unless there were bumps. I’ve actually got another Ti frame (beautiful), and I’m getting another Epic!


    A Ti full-sus?

    Don’t get the two mixed up. I have a Ti hardtail and it’s really nice, very sharp handling. However, I also have a full-sus. It’s a different experience altogether.


    I’ve recently bought a Ti frame (On One) and I have to say I’m loving it. In fact just got back from a cracking night ride and still buzzing.

    I also have a couple of full suss bikes (4-6″ travel) and when I’ve ridden them recently have wished I was out on the hardtail instead, but then again the Surrey Hills aren’t the rockiest place in the world!


    currently have a steel charge duster..
    thinking of a ti frame or a full sus…
    I love my duster but want to get involved with more MOUNTAIN biking rather than just xc in flat hertfordshire.. Would a ti frame be a upgrade and more comfort say in Les Arcs or Morzine or should i get a full sus frame and use the steel hardtail in uk..
    See my dilema?


    Daddy or Chips

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