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  • Frog 43 or islabikes cnoc 16? kids bike advice!
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    Looking at a first bike for my little girl, she’s inside leg 43 and 104cm so could get an Islabike Cnoc 16 (42-52cm inside leg, 16inch wheels) or according to the frog website she could get a frog 43 (43cm inside leg, 14 inch wheels), but theres no mention of the size range on the frog site so not sure how long this would last her.

    Would the islabike with 16inch wheels be better as she’s then got 10cm inside leg to go before she’s too big for it? Never bought a kids bike before so not sure how sizing works and how long they will last them as they grow!

    No idea of the frog size range, anyone know if its as big as the islabike?

    Am wanting a reasonably light bike as she loves going on her balance bike and the wee ride seat so will probably get a trailgator (or maybe a follow me tandem) so can do some longer rides even if i end up towing her a bit

    Little Miss CFH is on one of these.

    It is, to put it mildly, flipping awesome!

    Stupid light for the money. The belt is clean, tidy, and zero fuss. Proper components (BB, H/Set, etc) and lovely details like the pedals. Really nicely designed for kids.

    Also, it looks stunning, IMHO.

    Go For the Isla on resale value alone the frogs are just as good but worth less in a years time when you come to sell. Islas are no where near perfect but some dumbasses seem to like paying close to retail for second hand which means for me they are the logical choice. Frogs and some of the other higher quality offerings cost less but are proportionally worth less when it’s time to sell so will end up costing you more.


    Can’t help on size but also take a look at Cuda Bikes and their Performance series ( Linky ).

    Just got a CP20 for my 6 yr old and it’s a nicely thought-out bike. Very impressed with it.


    CFH – yeah had a look at the earlyrider bikes, they look really good but minimum seat height is 47cm so too big i think if her inside leg is only 43? I assume for kids bikes the need to be able to touch the ground easier than on adult bikes?

    I found that kids definitely need to be confident putting both feet down at the expense of pedalling efficiency. If it it even matters on a kids bike. it’s not like at that age they should be doing anything more than having fun.


    A mate has a Cnoc 16 for sale, if you’re interested. plus use Topcashback for 7.7% reduction? plus use TCB for 2.75% reduction?

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    The frog is a fair bit smaller than a cnoc16. Weight wise, I couldn’t tell the difference when picking them up one after the other.

    I would try out both and get the islabike if she fits it.


    I was in the same dilemma but with the smaller cnoc14.

    I ended up going with cnoc14 purely for re-sale value (as having tried to buy one on eBay/FB it was crazy just how much they’re going for).

    It arrived yesterday and I’m pretty happy with how it looks and the quality of build.

    If I’m looking at 16″, I’d definitely be thinking about cnoc16, early rider and Hoy bikes.

    My daughter’s have the bigger geared frog bikes and this is where they’re very impressive IMO.

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