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    As part of my new phone contract with EE, I have been given access to BT sports for 24months.

    I thought I would be able to either use this log in via my iPad or computer instead of watching on the phone screen. Turns out, if i read the small print, the BT Sport app and log in combo will only work on the phone as it checks for an EE sim card. I have tried creating a hotspot with my phone and connecting the iPad to it, but this didnt work.

    Does anyone know a way around this so I can watch on my iPad? The lady I spoke to at EE when upgrading did say people in their office have bypassed it but couldn’t tell me how or she might have been telling porkies.

    Premier Icon bruneep
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    I’m going with salesperson not being entirely honest to get sale.

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    I reckon bruneep speaks the truth – not the salesperson.

    I had the same – free access to Sky Sports mobile with Vodafone – but they have it pretty well locked down so you can’t watch it on any other device other than your phone. I’d be interested to know of there’s a way to cast it to something else.

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    I’ve got the BT Sport app on my android phone for £2.50 a month extra on my Plusnet bill, you can cast to a TV using it as I did a few weeks ago for the Liverpool v Hoffenheim game.

    My other half has got the app on her iPad as well.

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    Can’t you just screen mirror your phone and tv??

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    Good to know you can cast. Some apps are really temperamental (SkyGo) as they try and lock you out of doing it.

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    Or most new-ish phones will connect a HDMI cable to the USB socket (although picture quality isn’t always great).

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    Download the BT Sport App Via Windows 10 app store/ whatever it’s called, and connect to TV via HDMI and it will work perfectly fine.

    But I’ve no clue about Ipad’s.

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    You know I’ve got Sky Sports and BT Sport currently and also have SkyGo and the BT Sport App.

    The fact is when I’m on the phone or tablet I’ll use Mobdro (a presumably illegal streaming app) in preference to either of the official sources I’m entitled to use. It’s easier to use, no farting about logging in and usually gives a better picture especially compared to SkyGo which is often terrible.

    Get a Firestick or Android Box and sideload Mobdro and off you go….

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