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    Ohhh dear. Does that guy not understand what a video camera is? Why is he detained? “Because he’s been quite vociferous”


    That government are a right bunch of cheeky kittens… wonder what the compensation scheme will be like when peoples homes start falling into sink holes

    Typical jivebunnyjive bullshit and obfuscation. I can watch telly too, and I was particularly interested in the Horizon programme on sinkholes. Nowhere was fracking involved in sinkholes, for a start the shale involved is a mile or two below the surface, not fifty or sixty meters.
    The sinkhole that the young lady’s car fell into the other day was due to clay/chalk mining pits being filled with earth, then heavy rainfall leaching underneath causing the earth to be washed away, causing the Tarmac drive to drop in. The house was built on a concrete ‘raft’ for exactly that reason.
    The Florida sinkholes are caused by rain becoming acidic through filtering through plant debris, and dissolving the predominantly limestone subsurface, forming enormous cave networks full of water, because Florida is very, very wet; it’s why it full of mangrove swamps and alligators. This has taken many thousands of years.
    Eventually, a cave collapses, which would be perfectly fine, if it wasn’t for the inconvenient fact that people build large housing estates, etc, right where the sinkholes occur. The same with old mine workings.
    Still, jivebunnyjive never lets the facts get in the way of a nice, juicy conspiracy theory he can have a rant about.
    Muppet. 🙄
    While not an expert, I do have a pretty good grasp of how cave systems form; there are many of them not far from me, and lots of those are man made.
    Some have houses built on top, the stone ‘roof’ in places had houses built on in Bath. It was discovered that some of those houses had two meters of stone between them and the void underneath, there was even a garage workshop above one where people could be heard talking from below!
    I’m sure jivebunnyjive can find a suitable conspiracy to use in that instance as well.
    No conspiracy, just human incompetence and stupidity, building habitations where they have no right to be.


    Shaped explosive charges are used, made of depleted uranium.

    Bullshit. Depleted Uranium is used to make the bullets used in armour-piercing shells, the explosive charge is what propels the bullet. Any ful kno this. A shaped charge is packed into a container designed to force the explosion in a particular direction, like a claymore. Nowhere would depleted uranium be used, it’s just not necessary.

    CountZero in 3 consecutive post uber rant shocker!!

    The sinkhole in Louisiana, referenced in the video, is in fact the result of injection mining, which although not fracking, uses similar techniques.

    Admittedly, the real cause of the Bayou Corne sinkhole is the salt caverns:

    Evidence from drilling suggested that the sinkhole was caused by collapse of a side wall in a cavern in the Napoleonville Salt Dome.

    This type of collapse from the side is “something regulators and briners had previously considered impossible—highlighting, once again, how poorly understood the geology of salt caverns truly is,”

    Now, pardon my enquiring mind, but is it not then safe to assume that there may be other areas of the subterranean landscape that supposedly qualified parties do not hold full understanding of?

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    The DU comment is absolute horseflops, so it’s right to doubt any source that reports it as truth tbh

    Could someone highlight the source of this depleted uranium chat for me please, I don’t recall it’s origin… from what I’ve read above, it seems to be from an independent comment rather than a verified article?

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