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  • fox float r tuning questions….
  • lister11


    I’ve got a Mondraker Dune with a fox float r on the rear.

    It has a medium compression and soft rebound tune. High volume can. 216 x 66.5mm

    I’ve a couple issues though….

    1) the useable rebound range is only 2 clicks from the fastest setting and I’m not convinced it is quick enough even at fastest.

    Q1) will a rebound tune to the next level overlap this but provide a more useable range?

    2) i need to run 35% sag, mondraker say so, but doing this tend to blast through the travel. I’ve put a large volume reducer in, which has helped the harsh bottom out. This sag is acheived by about 105psi (70kg).

    Q2) if I up the compression tune will this help firm things up or will I just need to run less psi for the sag and be in the same position as I am now? Can Mojo tune for diffrent parts of the stroke on a float r?

    As the shock is new still, more or less, mojo will do this for about £40 all in.

    Just trying to work out how it all works!


    No one?

    Must be too hot for technical talk!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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