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  • Fox 34's or 36's ?
  • sb

    I bought a pair of 2015 fox float 32’s a couple of months ago for peanuts just to get my new Cotic flare frame rolling and quickly realised the 32’s are out of their depth with my riding. I’ve found them to be too flexi and realise they are mainly xc forks in the 32 guise. I’m now in a position to buy some new 2018 fox floats but can’t quite decide on whether I should go for 34’s or 36’s …. my riding 99% of the time is tight and twisty fast singletrack and forestry type stuff, a few downhills are normally included. My instinct is 34’s as the 36’s are more enduro/bikepark specific and would be overkill for my usual terrain and bike….. am I correct??


    I felt overforked with 36’s ( and probably overbiked if I’m being honest with myself on my Nomad I’m not an overly aggressive rider)
    The type of riding you have described ..34’s would be enough.
    I’ve found them to be perfect on my Whyte T130 RS

    What bike are they for?

    I run 34’s at 140mm at the moment. Some folk have said that 36’s are the be all and end all but 34’s have never let me down, never noticed any flex (currently over 100kg with pack….) I’ve always wanted 36’s though as I think they just look ‘right’ and they’d handle absolutely anything I could throw at them!


    Just curious, in what specific way didn’t the 32’s deliver? I have also a 32 and been thinking why Focus put the smallest fork on a trail bike (Spine).


    Tight and twisty fast singletrack like an XC race you mean? Sort your wheels out it’s not your forks.

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    34s would be perfect.

    I’d also consider a pike or x-fusion fork though.


    34s or Pikes – either will be substantially less twisty than 32s (which scare me).

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    150mm Fox 34s on my Stumpy. When I had my Aeris, I had the same decision and went for 34.

    Felt like a 36 would be a bit overkill.


    Thanks for the info and replies. I’ve decided the 34’s will suit me, I’m pretty nimble around my usual trails and feel the 36’s are just too ‘enduro’ for my riding.


    35mm would have been ideal I guess then. I really wonder why Fox bothered with both diameter as miss out on presumably high economies of scale, unlike RS ?

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    Basically the reason the 34 exists was just that Fox couldn’t make a 32mm long travel fork to compete with the Revelation. So being Fox they turned failure into a selling point and invented the 34. It’s as much marketing as design.

    I heart my 36s and there’s not a huge amount of weight disadvantage but they’re stupidly expensive and the current 34 is damn fine too. Pikes also worth a look of course.

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    Loved my last 36s (2012 Talas rc2 fit). Incredibly reliable, strong fork that would take anything I threw at it and with my horrific line choices that could be have bneen absolutley anything. A true skills compensator.

    Loving my new 36s even more (2018 factory). That said, I reckon I’d be almost as smitten with a set of 34s. Have you looked at the x-fusion range?

    Having owned 36’s in the past, 2012 Talas rc2 fit, same as above, which I eventually converted to floats, I would have them again if I could afford them.
    I have experience with 2014 Pikes, 2006 130mm 32 vanilla’s and 2012 32 float F120’s among the more modern forks.

    Currently using Pikes as they came on the bike but if I have to change them it would be 36’s again.

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