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  • Fountain pens…..
  • sharkbait
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    Whilst moving into my “winter office” the other day I came across a fountain pen in a case.
    It’s only a (pink!) Parker but had hardly been used, if at all, and probably belongs to one of my daughters.

    I’ve not used a fountain pen in a very, very long time and in fact I tend not to write much on paper anyway.

    But for a bit of fun I bought a small pack of cartridges, stuck one in and started scribbling.
    I love it!!

    I’m now finding reasons to write stuff down whenever possible 😛

    Just sayin’ 🙂

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    Lamy Safari – the best fountain pen ever made. Use one every day. Such a pleasure to write with.

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    There’s a long-running thread on here about pens and writing instruments, I was going to search for it, as I’ve recently come across a couple of old Parker fountain pens stuck away in drawers, they may have been my mum’s, I’ve washed them out and filled them, and they both seem to write ok – I doubt either has been used for thirty-forty years.

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    I have 3 current favourites.
    A lamy calligraphy pen which is lovely to write with despite being a wide nib, a sailor Professional gear which writes amazingly well, and a sandalwood pen that i got from a kickstarter campaign which in honesty is the best of the lot and feels amazing in the hand.
    Once you get into different inks you are down the rabbit hole. Current favourites are some diamine shimmer ones and a sailor dark black for when i need to look a bit more professional

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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