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  • Premier Icon richmtb

    You won’t get on either of the downhill tracks.

    You shouldn’t have any trouble riding the XC course though. There is no XC competition anymore so these trails should be open.

    There is always Laggan Wolftrax if you have time too


    or the rest of scotland!


    Devil’s Staircase is nearby too.


    Going up this weekend to Fort Bill – is it worth taking our bikes? I can’t stand the thought of just watching for two days and not riding, but I don’t know whether it’ll be possible to ride anywhere as I guess most places will be super-busy. Not been before so any advice appreciated. Ta.


    +1 for Devil’s Staircase

    Just got back from a long weekend up there.
    Friday rode Glencoe lift. Black there is in a state of disrepair and I’m not sure we were suposed to ride it. Consequently the red is getting a lot of use but it’s not really that interesting a routre IMHO.
    Friday afternoon hike-a-bike up from Glencoe to ride Devil’s Staircase to Kinlochleven. A really nice long descent.

    (Saturday rode Fort Bill but you won’t be able to next weekend!)

    Sunday rode Cairan Path out and back from Kinlochleven, it’s a nice descent and well worth doing if you’re in the area.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    catcher – Member

    Going up this weekend to Fort Bill … Not been before so any advice appreciated. Ta.

    1)take midge-spray, ‘Smidge’ gets good reviews.
    2)seriously, take midge-spray.
    3)cut your finger nails short, so you don’t scratch yourself to bits when the midge-spray doesn’t work.

    Premier Icon iainc

    if you’re spectating you wont be riding ! You can ride to and from the venue and there is a big bike park; make sure you have good locks…

    Lots of good riding in the area, but one you are in the event area you’ll be on foot

    …and plus may ‘000’s on the Smidge 👿


    Midges aren’t bad at all right now. Slept under trees at the side of a loch on Friday/Saturday not too far from Fort William and there wasn’t much of an annoyance at all.

    That said, it could change at any moment, seems to be a late start this year.

    If you’re really sensitive to these sorts of things (e.g. a big girls blouse), a head net will be FAR more effective than smidge if you are standing around, particularly in the mornings/evenings.

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