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  • So I’m planning a trip to Fort Bill to watch the DH world cup in June. Never been up there before so can anyone point me in the direction of cheap places to stay (campsites ideally, but cheap B&Bs etc. also)?

    Going to be staying 2, maybe 3 nights before slowly finding my way home back to the midlands via a selection of decent riding spots.

    Any advice appreciated!

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    No shortage of places but get it booked quickly. They do go fast but since you’ve not said what you define as “cheap” I can’t really give any recommendations. Nevis Range is a good 2 or 3 miles north of Fort Bill, but there are regular buses to ferry the fans up there. There are some campsites nearer, but they’re further from town if you want booze/food on your doorstep. I’ve not stayed at the campsites but have been reliably informed they get very midgy.

    Do it. It’s ace, but get it booked quick


    Fort William is a bit of a dump when it comes to hotels/B&Bs etc. You’re generally better staying the surrounding area.


    I’ve stayed here in the past, really nice and not too pricy

    Trying to do the whole trip on a shoestring, so cheaper the better really. But would quite like campsite with a shower etc.

    Would rather have the convenience of being close to town for beer/food too, I think. Not fussed about buses to/from the actual track.

    Comparing Victoria Bridge with Glen Nevis campsite, I prefer the former: it’s windier so less midgy, has a good view of the Ben, reasonable facilities, has cabins as well as tent and caravan space, and is nearer Aonach Mor, near enough to cycle, where the racing and trails are. It still close enough to Town to quickly cycle in for some dinner and beers if you take lights. You are taking bikes right?

    I have lost count of the times I’ve stayed there for Munro bagging and riding trips. Home from home. People slag off Fort Bill, but I’m fond of its oddities and rough edges. As an Englishman I’ve only once encountered any aggro and most people in the area are charming and welcoming.

    Have a great trip and cheer on Danny FTW!


    Fort William is a bit of a dump

    And that’s being generous

    Cheers for the advice Buzz-Lightyear, I will look into both places. Yes definitely taking bikes, be a shame to go all that way and not ride the DH tracks.

    On that note, does it open to the public again on the monday after race day? And this might be a stupid question, but how blown out is it after the abuse of holding a WC race? (I’m guessing it depends on weather conditions?)

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    Good tip. If you can get a lift to Kinlochleven, you can have a good old XC ride back to Fort William to watch the racing. We did this on a beautiful sunny day, setting off in the morning and arriving at the wall ride (and food!) to watch the mid-pack coming through.


    Only been to Fort Bill a couple of times and used this place twice.Prices were reasonable and the owner was friendly and helpful and seemed happy that cyclists were bringing money to the area. Bring lot of mozzie repellant just in case and get a head net they make a big difference if you want to be comfy when they’re about.
    Nevis range is only a few miles down the road for the DH , We went last year the week after the WC but the 1st day we couldn’t get on the lifts due to high winds and spent the day pushing 2/3 of the way up(deer fence) 2 times and 1/3 up (road gap) 8 times. On the 2nd day the lifts were open but so were the heavens and we gave up after 5 runs due to cold/wet.

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    On that note, does it open to the public again on the monday after race day?

    The world cup course has different variations, so there may be some activity removing tape / barriers / cables etc.

    I can’t comment on the DH track, but the “red” trail, you access from the gondola, is really good on any ruftytufty trail bike. It would be graded black in most places because it rough, and takes a few runs to really get the hang of it. There’s only a couple of spots that require a little pedalling so it would probably be mostly ok on a DH bike. I did 4 runs plus some XC stuff and was knackered. It’s probably my favourite trail.

    Lochy campsite : Victoria bridge


    We stayed here when on a ski trip in our caravan. The place wasn’t even officially open, but the owners were very helpful in getting us sorted out and as such get a big thumbs up from me 😀


    I’ve stayed at Bank Street Lodge in fort William many times over many years, pretty cheap and it’s a bunk house, so showers, midge free, won’t flood and doesn’t involve tents and does have a pretty good drying room.

    All very helpful, cheers all.

    I will be taking just my trail bike (160mm) and I don’t mind pedalling. The loop around Kinlochleven sounds very appealing, cheers StillTotoise.

    A day will definitely be spent riding Nevis range via the gondola, and I would like to do the black DH, so need to find out when it is open for business again. Good point on the variations, Geoffj. Not in a rush, so could leave that until tuesday if it doesn’t reopen monday.

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