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  • Forgot to do my Mot. Advice needed.
  • bikerbruce

    I will learn from this for sure,my car was well maintained and was functioning well, i merely forgot to do this and it is entirely my fault Im so annoyed as its going to cost me lots to resolve.In future ill put it on the next years calender.

    Premier Icon Jerome

    I got pulled on the motorway for no MOT a couple of years ago. £60 fine, no points, insurance still valid and was allowed to continue on my merry way after being told to get an MOT sorted ASAP.

    In your case though I’d probably not go through the insurance as they could be very awkward.

    Same as me…


    Cheers for all the pointers to the reminder service – luckily I’m not too bad at it these days though. I was thinking a simple postal one would be good really.

    Good luck OP 🙂


    Slightly off topic but I am the only one who finds it a reflection of government priorities that it sends me a reminder to pay my car tax for free, but wont send me a reminder to have the road worthiness of my car checked without charging me a fee.

    Nope, we now have an entire nation that is totally devoid of any sense of responsibility, it isn’t just you. 😉

    No MOT does not invalidate insurance.
    Your car can be roadworthy or unroadworthy with or without an MOT, so why would it?
    At worst, in case of total loss an insurer may reduce the payout as a car with no MOT is less valuable than one with.


    No real excuse for forgetting but even if you are that badly organised the government set a text reminder service for you

    Text reminder

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I had an old Rover nicked one night, some years ago. MOT had ran out on it a few months previous. I’ll be honest, I was winging it till I traded it in. Insurance paid out ok. I can remember phoning the insurance company, first thing I told them was that it had no MOT, but the chap said it didn’t matter. That was Direct Line. Cheque came through a few weeks later.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    mot not required for insurance.. otherwise the 3 bikes in the garage that no longer need mots as they were pre 1950’s would be scuppered for ever..

    frankly bonkers that old stuff doesnt need an mot any more, i just bought a 1951 rolling wreck that if i could get it running i can legally ride on the road its insured.. doesnt need an mot and the tax is a freebie.. and thats another thing in todays climate why do i being lucky enough to have a number of mans toys not have to pay tax or even an admin fee just because thier old..

    Whether your insurance is valid with or without MOT depends on your policy. It says in the small print on your documents or you can ring your insurer. It varies depending on reputation of provider and cost.

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