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  • Ford Transit automatic
  • Premier Icon nick1962
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    Anyone driven the Ford transit auto? How does it compare to the manual?
    I’m guessing that long term an auto should mean less clutch DMF wear and tear but may come with it’s own costly problems? Any experiences?

    Premier Icon Tracey
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    We have both. A 2015 2.2 155 hp 6 speed manual camper and a 2018 2.0 170 hp 6 speed Tourneo Custom.
    Would have preferred the auto on the camper but it wasn’t available at the time. Both are nippy, the 2.0 takes a lot longer for the engine to warm up. Had no problems with both but would take an auto over a manual anytime.

    Premier Icon revs1972
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    If you mean the Custom , then I’ve got one.
    Apparently towing capacity is lowered , but I don’t tow so not bothered.
    Fuel consumption is less than the manual, but not having to mess about changing gears outweighs that for me.
    There’s no “sport” mode like I have on my T5, but to be honest I never used it much anyway. Changing is as good as the DSG IMO.

    Premier Icon wrightyson
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    Fuel consumption is less than the manual,

    Which is pretty shit anyway to be fair!

    Premier Icon jonm81
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    We’ve got a 2017 Tourneo Custom 170 auto. The gearing is lower than the manual (about 500rpm difference at 70mph) and feels like it should have an extra gear at the top end. It is very nice to drive though and after 25000 miles our average fuel consumption is 38.8mpg which isn’t too bad for a van.

    It was awesome in the snow last year which was really surprising for an auto van. I was driving past loads of people who were stuck. The Tourneo just never lost grip.

    I like it and would happily get another when this one dies of old age.

    Premier Icon couchy
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    We’ve got a new custom with the 2.0 engine with the manual box, I prefer autos so took the demo out. The big downside for me was the high revs on the motorway, it’s running nearly 1000revs higher at 80-90mph. It did change gear nicely and was smooth enough, if it had another gear to use it would be perfect.

    Premier Icon scruff9252
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    I was taking out insurance last month and was chatting to an insurance broker. He commented that some insurance companies are refusing to insure transit derived campers due the high theft rates…

    Premier Icon nick1962
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    The big downside for me was the high revs on the motorway, it’s running nearly 1000revs higher at 80-90mph

    Errmm ,80-90 mph won’t be a problem for me,I’m happy at 60!

    Premier Icon PePPeR
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    I’m another custom auto owner 130 BHP, I thought the gear changes were rough as dogs when I got mine, but after 35,000 miles in 6 months they’ve settled down and are a lot smoother. I average 35.1 🤔 but do have it fully loaded with work stuff.

    I’ve got used to the high brake pedal compared to the accelerator pedal, and the ride is very harsh compared to my old Vivaro.

    Mines the last of the MK1, there’s no dash space to throw anything other than Infront of the sat Nav.. newer ones are much better.

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