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  • foraging for mushrooms. the season begins!
  • highclimber

    Saw a lovely specimen of a psylocybe today.

    jonah tonto

    really? that’s a bit early isn’t it, they dont come out till oct round this way


    Last August I picked loads of ceps and hedgehog fungus.hardly anything around this year as its been so dry. Whereabouts are you? Maybe I’ll give my local patches a check over next week. Most years round here its late September into October that things really get going.


    I’ve already hatvested some from my lawn. And very nice they were as well.

    Is autumn early this year? I’ve noticed some leaves a-yellowing and a falling conker bounced off my helmet as I rode under the tree yesterday.

    jonah tonto

    anyone else on here pick mushrooms?
    I went for a wander yesterday and got a huge boxful
    some ceps in great condition, and some other boletus.
    also got some of my favourite- beefsteak fungus

    i had to leave the woods earlier than i would like, only covered a 10th 🙁 going back down there now
    any tips on drying?

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    ill try and link to some pics on photobucket but im not good at this kind of thing[/url]

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Need to go and check my chanterelle spots – the recent bit of rain may have kick started things.


    good pickings just now. got a bag of these

    and a bag of these

    ‘lets go trip some balls’ 😯 😆 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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