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  • Pic Trabec – worth the money?
  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    [not tried one] but good protection and a lid that fits means I will spend more on a lid. Sitting between sizes on a few made it hard. My current lid fits perfectly and offers some back of head protection (Spec Vice)[/not tried one]

    You will only tell once you put it on 🙂
    Worth checking if the higher prices comes with a crash replacement policy like some do. If it works and you use it getting a new one discounted would offset the price.


    Looking for something to replace my Hec as Giros don’t seem to get on with the back of my neck. Like the look of the Poc but it is pretty pricey in comparison. Is it worth it?


    I like mine. Good fit, comfy, well vented, well made. Bit heavy.(350 gm)

    Got mine from amazon – used . Only £53-it was new (box lid was torn) – probably customer return. Well chuffed. I dont know if I’d pay £130 for one though.



    I like that Catlike leaf

    Unfortunately doesn’t come in xl, as expected 🙁

    I bought a MET crossover on a budgetty whim and I’m really chuffed with it; 255g, under £35 and even has a red LED blinky on the dial.

    Looks fairly inoffensive in matt black and it’s comfy enough not to notice once I’m riding. POCs are heavy and expensive.

    I just got a POC Trabec to replace a Fox which didn’t fit too well.
    the harness is very adjustable – similar to Fox & Giros.
    it feels lighter than the Fox, but that might be because I had to use a buff under it.
    It sits higher (on my head, which is XS & round like a **** orange (yours might be different, naturally) so visibility seems better.
    NB: it doesn’t seem to work with my riding glasses – so may have to trim the arms off them a little.
    But it does work with goggles – which the fox didn’t.

    On balance: worth it for me because it’s blue & fits – most other manufacturers lids don’t seem to get small enough for my pin head.
    Not so good if price is more important to you & your head fits lower cost brands.

    Premier Icon 18bikes

    got to try helmets, no two ways about it – we’ve found the POC has divided opinion more than others.

    I’ve got one Trabec, Black in the XL size – at a decent discount too. Worth a try if you’re near us jools182?


    Found this, £75.99! if I wasn’t getting married next month and going to California on honeymoon I’d of bought this myself!


    If it fits well, then without a doubt its worth the money! You can’t put a price on your health!

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Spotty dog IMHO.

    Love them.

    But yeah, not sure about the price tag..

    Premier Icon H1ghland3r

    I’ve just recently got a Trabec Race to replace my Giro Xar.
    It’s the first non Giro helmet I’ve found that actually fits on my huge, oddly shaped melon. Seems very well made, much better than recent Giro’s, the fit is definitely better, my head seems to fit in the helmet rather than the helmet fitting ‘on’ my head.
    Retention strap isn’t as clever as the RocLoc but I find that I set it to the right tension and then forget all about it.
    Venting is far better than it looks like it should be. Seem to remember Giro banging on about the Xen venting being specific to the lower speeds of off road riding, same principle here and it seems to work.
    If it’s heavier it’s not so much that I’ve noticed.

    SO to sum up my rambling. I’m well happy with it. 🙂


    Dick, I’ve owned a trabec and didn’t get on with the retention system when wearing oakleys. It hurt my ears! That Carerra is an incredible fit. I have never seen so many folk trying one on and agreeing that it’s a great fit. It looks better on, than in pictures too.


    My LBS is selling them…I can’t afford to just buy a new helmet so I’m needing to have an ‘accident’…problem is, the thought of willingly skelping my head hard isn’t appealing…helmet on or not!

    Think I’ll be getting a Carrera helmet when I finally have the cash…very comfy fit I found.

    How about the new Bell Super?


    I like the look of these – Trabec style, a fair bit cheaper and some nice features – I like the idea of the built-in GoPro mount.


    Anyone care to offer up advice on how the POC is heat wise?
    Im currently using a met parachute but a couple of years worth of my sweaty head has finally seen the glue start to break down!
    Quite fancy the Trabec race but nervous that it’ll cook my head!


    That looks ‘nice’ but also looks like you will cook in it…has it only got 4 small vents? Must surely be a cooker???


    Hi, 30% of at singletrackbikes.co.uk with code poc30june

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