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  • Flying ant nest inside the house
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    It has been an entertaining afternoon! The nest looks like it is in the airing cupboard (inside the wall, at the back, behind some key pipework). Its a modern timber frame house so there will be plenty of space for them to have built a full metropolis!

    The hoover has been used extensively, the refillable Gel Traps seem to be getting a lot of attention and hoards have died covered in ant power.

    I am just about to deploy traps based on gaffer tap and honey as a bait, but the key seems to be; how I will know I have killed the ‘nest’ rather than a lot of the troops.

    If you have any ideas (fun or genuine) I would be pleased to hear them

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    I lost my last new topic due to the ‘bump post thing, so here is a bump just in case……

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    I had a couple of these a couple of weeks ago, I just put a lot of any powder down and they eventually got the idea and stopped coming through. Be aware they might just start burrowing in a slightly different direction so may end up 30cm along. I just went to town with ant powder and put a bait trap thing down

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    Bit wary of ant powder inside the house, keep the cat and small humans away from that stuff, there used to be a spray called Kybosh, no idea what was in it but it melted them, the spray was really powerful so one blast would go into every crevice, a second blast later was usually enough, never did work out where they went, think it dissolved them, and you need to remember to open the windows at the same time incase it killed you too, no idea if it’s still available but there might be similar.

    Nicotine is/was(EU banned it) the traditional fumigation method, so if you know anyone that smokes get them to have a fag and blow the smoke in, smoke them out, this one was not properly thought through really.

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    Something similar happened to me in a flat before getting together with the Mrs.

    Came home one evening and the kitchen was full of the things which had come up via a small gap in the wall where they were living. Hoovered them up and then got some expanding foam stuff to block the hole and it never happened again.

    Looking back I should have tried killing the nest but it was a rental property so as long as they were not coming in I was not too worried.

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    keep the cat and small humans away from that stuff, there used to be a spray called Kybosh, no idea what was in it but it melted them

    What??, Cats and children ??? 😯 Bloody hell 😯

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