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  • Flat pedals for road bike
  • Premier Icon cogglepin

    I’ve tried clipping in but on long rides I get bad knee pains which I don’t with flat pedals. So I’m after some smallish flats. Any recommendations kindly received.


    these are good quality.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Only ones

    Premier Icon superstu

    Have you tried other clipped in options to see if they help at all? I think Time ATAC pedals (if they still do them) used to get some credit with those who want more float on their SPDs?

    Otherwise any basic pedal will probably do, I’d go composite rather than aluminium to save a few grammes.

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    I was after some flats for my ride to work bike for similar reasons. I ended up using some old v8s I found in the depths of the garage. I’d like some similar to say vaults.but smaller and no pins
    ok so not like vaults at all really.

    Time ATACs have kept my knees happy for ~13 years, I used to suffer lots using my previous Shimano SPDs, due to bow-leggedness.

    Premier Icon cogglepin

    Thanks guys, plenty to go at there!

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    I am using Wellgo MG1 on my ‘gravel’ bike.

    They are pretty light.

    Premier Icon sturmeyarcher

    I can’t help with flats but do know about knee pain. A knee surgeon (also a cyclist) recommended I try Speedplay pedals as they have the most float (15 degrees). Since swapping 12 months ago, I’ve had no knee pain.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    You should get a bike fit from someone with expertise in musculoskeletal analysis.

    I can recommend NJD if you’re in NW England…

    Welcome to NJD Sports Injury & Bike Fit Centre Clitheroe

    Fixed my knee pain issues, which resulted from slight bow-leggedness and flat feet.

    I have burgtecs on my road bike, had them spare when I sold the 29er, brilliant.

    No more gimp shoes. 🤣

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